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email campaign marketing

Is Your Email Campaign Marketing Scaring People Away?

Email campaign marketing definitely has a lot of layers to it. For many entrepreneurs, we’d like to “set it and forget it”. I believe that a LOT can be done with regards to automation… But at the same time, we really have to focus on building our customer list and using our email campaign marketing […]

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Joey Ragona, the entrepreneur life

TOP business failure causes: price competition

One of the TOP business failure causes is price competition. In this podcast episode, Joey Ragona talks about separating yourself from others without resorting to lowering your prices. Top Business Failure Causes: Price Competition Podcast Episode #0013 ~ begin transcript ~ In today’s’ podcast I want to talk about business and pricing your service or […]

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Understanding your audience

~ begin transcript ~ Todays’ episode of the Entrepreneur Life asks the question: Are you in ‘touch’ with your audience? I spend every week talking with and coaching business owners / entrepreneurs just like you. They are SO caught up in their business – stuff to do – emails to answer – bills to pay. […]

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How do you “convince” a customer?

~ begin transcript ~ So I’m talking to some entrepreneurs about marketing and they were asking me how to ‘convince’ more people. They told me “people just don’t understand me” And I really wasn’t surprised because people tell me this all the time. If you’re thinking: “They don’t understand me” It’s probably the other way […]

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First off – welcome. I’m super excited about this journey we’re going to take together. Now a confession. I really didn’t know how to ‘start’ this blog. What should I write about first? How do I get people interested in what I’m talking about? I struggled until now trying to “put it all together” and […]

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