Uncovering the Achilles’ Heel of Your Business: How I Address This Critical Issue

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I often have a common conversation with folks, and it's about having more than one audience, avatar, or offer.

Now, I won't say it's ‘wrong,' but it does make it tougher to catch the attention of your Dream Clients.

What we really want is for our Dream Clients to easily understand what we do and how it benefits them.

I hear this challenge every day, and sometimes people don't even realize it until I point it out.

I can't help but put on my ‘coaching' hat, so let me share a recent chat (don't worry; I got permission):

When I asked this person, ‘Who is your Dream Client?' their initial answer was quite broad, ‘A business owner who believes in teams and delegation with a great offer.'

I immediately thought, ‘That's pretty wide; we need to narrow it down.' Their next response was better, ‘A marketing agency owner looking for media buyer, copywriter, and salesperson roles.'

But then, before we could move the conversation along, they added another audience :-). ‘A coach with an established marketing asset (email list of 5k buyers) offering a service of $2k or more to help them make $100k without charging anything.'

I pointed out that these are two different markets.

BTW, the coach with an established marketing asset could be a very clear niche if we focused on that.

I told them that already, there are too many offers and specialties in the mix.

In marketing, it's not about attracting everyone;

it's about repelling 85% of the market. Our messages should deter most people so that the right ones can find us.

You want people to say, ‘Joey doesn't do that; he ONLY does this, and he's the best at it.'

But we’re not done.

He explained more about both offers. One was about connecting people with A-players through his connections, and the other was a ‘very simple' offer for coaches with a $2k service.

I won't go into all the details for now, but I mentioned that having two things going on can be challenging because people won't know what you do best. Also, your work has to adapt each time when you work with different types of clients.

“You got it” he says.


Then, we got to the real challenge,

‘We just need them to show up and understand what we do and how it helps them.' he says.

Double Bingo.

That's why I'm a fan of choosing ONE lane.

Think about it like this: If 10 of your Dream Clients were in a room with 100 other people, and you told me some details about your Dream Clients, how would I know who those 10 Dream Clients are just by talking to them?

If you've read this far and anything resonates, I challenge you with the same question.

Get crystal clear on who you help so that when your Dream Clients see, hear and read anything from you, they already know how you can help them.

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Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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