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Imperfect action

Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and stuck in indecision?

Been there, done that, and I'm here to spill the beans on how I conquered those demons back in 2019.

Looking back, I'm grateful I didn't give up.

Buckle up because we're about to unleash the power of imperfect action in this wild ride.

Shift From “Selling” to “Serving”:

At the heart of success lies a shift in mindset.

Instead of focusing solely on “selling” your ideas, products, or services, concentrate on “serving” others.

Drop the sales pitch and flip the script.

When your goal is to provide value and help solve your audience's problems, success naturally follows.

By aligning your objectives with a deeper purpose, you create authentic connections that lead to sales and meaningful relationships without you breaking a sweat.

Embrace Imperfect Action:

Perfection? Nah, not our style.

Embrace the 80% rule – 80% effort moves mountains.

Say adios to being stuck at 99.99% forever. Imperfect action drives progress, and progress is the name of the game.

Perfectionism can be a pesky pest. I used to get stuck at 80%, thinking the rest had to be perfect.

However, valuable insight from Dan Sullivan's The 80% Approach changed my perspective. He stated, “In 80% of life's situations, an 80% result is good enough to move things forward.”

Realizing that perfection is unattainable in an unpredictable world allowed me to embrace the power of imperfect action. Taking the first step, even with some rough edges, leads to faster progress and continuous improvement.

In most cases, 80% is enough to move things forward!

Who knew?

Imperfect action rocks!

Narrow Your Focus:

Forget trying to impress the whole world.

Zero in on your dream team—the dream clients who resonate with your magic.

Trying to cater to everyone can dilute your impact and make it difficult to connect with your dream audience.

Instead, narrow your focus to serve a specific group that align with YOU and your superpowers.

Take this seriously.

You want to work with people you LOVE.

People who charge your batteries.

Understand their needs.

Get to know them inside out.

Tailor your magic to fit like a glove.

Boom! Loyal Dream Clients!

The Bold Blastoff:

Launching stuff can be nerve-wracking, right? But here's the deal: embrace honesty and let your audience know you're still figuring things out.

Be real and raw with your audience.

Say, “Hey, I'm testing waters, but together we'll rock this boat!”

Transparency builds trust, and trust creates an unbreakable bond.

Embrace Vulnerability with Beta Launch:

Want to level up? Try a beta launch.

Let go of that perfectionist grip! It's not about perfection; it's about growth.

This approach involves surrendering to vulnerability, understanding that the first version need not be perfect.

Invite feedback from early adopters to gain valuable insights and improve your offering based on real-world experiences.

Embrace the growth opportunities that come with feedback, and don't be afraid to make necessary adjustments.

The feedback you'll get? Pure gold. Embrace the evolving journey, my friend.

Aim for Version 3.0 – The Holy Grail:

Perfection? Overrated! I've got a gem from the legendary Eben Pagan. Forget version 1.0, forget 2.0—aim for version 3.0.

That's the sweet spot of success right there. With each step, you learn, you tweak, you improve. Your path to greatness unfolds before you.

Start with a quick and dirty version.

Test, tweak, improve. Rinse and repeat.

Progress beats perfection any day!

This is the exact co-creation ‘formula’ I teach everyone in ATLAS. This way you end up with a program people actually buy.


We've cracked the code, amigo.

Overwhelm and perfectionism don't stand a chance against your change-maker spirit.

Embrace the power of imperfect action. Serve, focus, launch with fearless gusto, and let your journey bloom.

The journey may be wild, but remember, it's not about the destination—it's about the untamed ride of progress.

Aim for version 3.0. Progress is your magic wand! Embrace it, rock on, and ride the path to fulfillment! 🚀

BTW, do you know if you have a dream business or not?

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