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Why core values are important

Most of us do not want the constant stress about making decisions.

In this post, we’ll discover the true values that will help us stop spinning our wheels when trying to make the right choices.

We’ll learn the key differences between our wants and needs and how core values influence decision-making.

You will know what core values are important so you can use them every day to make important decisions and live without anxiety.

Not only that, but core values for business make entrepreneurs like us feel happier.


Why Core Values Matter

As I mentioned, most people don’t want to worry about making decisions. Especially the WRONG decisions.

They want to enjoy their business, live without stress and anxiety, and do what they love to do.  

This makes them feel happier and more passionate about their life’s work.

By following this simple outline, you will no longer have regrets about decisions. Because you’ve been true to yourself and your core values.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your goals are in sync with everything that is important to you.

And, even more important, you have the optimal motivation to keep you on track instead of spinning your wheels.


The Difference between Needs, Wants, and Core Values

Needs: are things you must have in order to live, to be at your best.

Wants: are things that you are trying to get or experience

Core Values: you are naturally drawn to them from within. NOT by needs or wants.


Core values are important to you because they are part of your ‘inner animal’ – recognize that you have inside, billions of years of evolution that is beyond your comprehension and control

When you accept your ‘inner chimpanzee”, you no longer struggle with trying to sort everything out in your life intellectually

  • Because your inner chimp has urgent needs
  • When you crave something, it’s probably a want
  • If you find yourself naturally attracted to something, without being ‘pushed’ or ‘pulled’ to do it…

    …it is probably a core value to live by.


Read that last part again.


Characteristics of a NEED:

  • A need is something that gives you satisfaction 
  • It is required for you to function optimally, like money, food, exercise, tools, etc.
  • You generally feel an urgency to get a need met. 
  • If you have unmet needs, your judgment of values is clouded.


Characteristics of a WANT:

  • A want makes you feel gratification.
  • They are things you enjoy, want to gain, acquire & experience such as sex, promotions & awards, a new car, vacations, etc.
  • You’ll know by the amount of desire and craving if it’s a ‘want’
  • When you make decisions based on wants and needs, they are not likely to be beneficial on a continuous basis


Characteristics of a CORE VALUE:

    • Core values can be defined as your natural interests 
    • You feel incredible when you are doing anything related to your values
    • There is no need to ‘push’ you to do them


Action Steps: Identify your Core Values

  1. Make a core values list. Identify the values most important to you.
  2. After you’ve identified your core values, test them against areas in your life and business – maybe a project you’re working on, people in your life, environments you frequent. See if they align (or not) with your new core values discovery.
  3. When you find something out of line with your core values, do something about at LEAST one this week – improve it, delegate, or remove it completely from your life.

How will the core values help you holistically?

  • Core values drive you. They are a part of who you are. And when you know what your core values are, you make better, faster, and easier decisions.
  • You will be able to set better goals that keep you motivated
  • You stop spinning your wheels when you can’t decide on a course of action – because your core values give you an alternative perspective. You will find your core values choose for you.
  • You are able to identify why you’re ‘suddenly’ upset or feel weird because someone violates your core values
  • You can identify the difference between a want, need, and your true core values.
  • Make authentic choices and live without frustration and anxiety
  • You begin to let go of draining people, projects, and goals that don’t express your true values.
  • You begin to enjoy your work – every day.
  • You always know what the right answer is without having regret or worry


There you go!  

I hope this helps you align your core values with everything you do.

Let me know below if you have any questions, comments, or feedback 🙂

About the author 

Joey Ragona

Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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