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marketing success

Every day someone asks me about what they should say for marketing success.

It doesn’t matter what kind of online marketing it is.

  • A facebook ad.
  • A webinar or product launch videos.
  • A lead magnet
  • Or email sequences…

The marketing method you choose doesn’t matter.

What DOES matter, is the message.

And this is where so many people get stuck.

Because they’ve done the avatar work. Right? Doesn’t EVERY course, program, seminar, and workshop spotlight the
importance of the “ideal customer”?

Sure they do.


And it’s the KEY to unlock your marketing message. So your ideal customer looks to YOU for the help they need. PLUS it makes buying your product or service irresistible.

Are you ready?

Let me explain.

Most entrepreneurs understand the importance of knowing their customers wants and fears. They do the work to find out the problem or challenge their ideal customers have.

That’s great.


MOST people use the SURFACE level problem as their marketing message.

So they say the same thing every other marketer says.

Which means they are NOT speaking to the DESIRE.

DESIRE is what sells.

Online marketing success comes from using the DESIRE to drive the EMOTION.

Such as “feel overwhelmed?”

Overwhelmed is an emotion.

But the DESIRE might be “I need to get unstuck and build my business or I’ll need to get a job again”

The DESIRE is not to have to get a job doing something they hate.

Ya feelin' this?

So yea.

We can talk about “feeling overwhelmed and stuck”.

But it’s when we add in the DESIRE of “finally building your business to get your consistent 5k income every month so you don’t need to go back to a job you hate” that really sends the message.

Know what I mean?

Here's the bottom line

Your customer secretly has a DESIRE to feel understood.

That’s OUR job as a marketer/business owner.

We need to make our marketing message so powerful that they feel we are talking to them.

We need to describe the problem so they feel understood if we want marketing success.

Read that again.

Describe the problem so they feel understood if you want marketing success

And when you can describe the problem so they feel understood, they will automatically assume you have the solution.

Which means your product or service becomes irresistible.

Without selling.

Hope this helps.

Whenever you're ready for marketing success with a message that makes buying your product or service irresistible to ideal customers check out the Product Marketing Blueprint. 

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Joey Ragona

Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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