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sales process

This is my sales process for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

I got inspired by another post from a friend Bob Minhas.
So I want to my ‘creative' sales process example with you too:

Here are the Sales Process Steps;

First thing is – I’m all about clarity and simplicity.
I’m also a right-brained creative. Which means I think in big picture first. I love visual learning. I see, I do. It's why I love reading a book every week.
so my ‘sales’ process is also simple.

Step 1. I ‘qualify’ my dream client;


  1. Decide WHO I want to work with (this is critical – it’s part of niching down to serve the most viable market for you which leads to the next two questions)
  2. What I LOVE to do as it relates to the market
  3. What RESULTS I can get the EASIEST and FASTEST for them
  4. Do they believe my unique solution & promise?
  5. Does what I deliver fit into their overall plan

Step 2. BEGIN the sales process

it goes like this;
a) DELIVER major value up front. No expectations
b) PROVE I can help people by actually helping them. No money exchanged
c) WAIT for the RIGHT client to reach out to me so we can go deeper into helping solve their problem.

BONUS Sales Process Template:

Do you want the “details” of my “strategy call?”
me: “Hi, it looks like you have this challenge. So let me help you with it right now.”
me: “is there anything else I missed/ that I can answer?”
END the call
“Great – hope I helped you have a nice day.”
(SIDE NOTE; if you've been on one of my FREE strategy calls, you already know this to be true…am I right? post a comment below and let me know what your experience was like)
back to this

Ummm, but Joey, you didn’t “transition” to the sale.

no need.
refer back to the step one of my “sales process”.
I don’t spend time trying to ‘convince’, ‘convert’ or ‘change’ people’s minds.
when they are fed up of all the false promises and ready to get to work guess who they come back to?
Because you TRULY helped them in the first phase!
You GOT them results without asking for anything in return.
Will EVERYONE call you back?
But that's the case with every ‘sales process'.

So It's Your Choice To Select The Sales Process Steps That Work For You.

Your energy in the ‘front of the ‘funnel' will either be spent:
1. convincing people to work with you
2. proving you can help people
If you're worried about going the second route like me and that people will “take advantage” of your goodwill and generosity…
who cares.
they aren't your dream client. and even if you ‘convinced' them, they would cause problems later on.
there you have it.
It's how my “sales” process has worked for over 35 years.
Many people will disagree with the laid back approach. And that’s cool.
I’m just not into expelling energy into trying to sell when I can use that energy in actually helping clients.
hope this helps you!

BTW, if you want to do this sales process in your business because you're also a purpose-driven entrepreneur who knows what you have will impact the world in a positive way, check out the Product Marketing Blueprint.

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Joey Ragona

Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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