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You’ve got a product or service and want to optimize your sales funnel because you're not getting the sales you expect.

Even though you're advertising on the Facebooks 🙂

So the first thing we do, is think our sales funnel doesn’t work.

Well, it’s kinda true…

…but it’s probably not the ENTIRE funnel that's broken.

I see this every week when I’m analyzing client’s sales funnels.

They want to rebuild EVERYTHING.


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So let me help you with this –

Because you don’t want to rebuild your sales funnel every single time

There’s only 4 things that can go wrong with your sales funnel.

  1. People aren’t clicking the ad
  2. People aren’t opting in
  3. People aren’t responding to your email
  4. People aren’t buying

When you look at that list, you’re probably aware that we focus on the last one.

“Hey Joey, I need your help…people aren’t buying from me”

So rather than asking a client to rebuild everything, I start with the first piece of the puzzle.

Here’s how

If people aren’t clicking on our facebook ad…theres no way in hell they’re going to buy from us…right?

So, logic dictates to start with the ad.

Now.  Within the ad, there’s only a few things that go wrong if people aren’t clicking.

Here they are:

  1. Your audience selection is wrong
  2. Your image is not compelling
  3. Your copy (what you say) isn’t tempting

So that’s where you focus your attention FIRST.

What happens if you ARE getting ad clicks but nobody’s opting in?

The answer is: your landing/opt-in page needs-a-fixin’ (yup, that's the official English way of sayin' that)

And there are only 2 areas to focus on.

  1. Your copy (does it specify the problem and solution quickly and clearly?)
  2. The layout

Let me address the layout.

Simple is best.

And here’s why I believe this to be true.

MOST people are looking at our websites on mobile phones.

So if we have a website with all sorts of graphics, text, table formatting and so on…it doesn’t usually show up well on our phones.

That means, the simple page with a headline, perhaps a sub-headline and then the opt-in form works best.

Because it’s direct to the point

They know what they’ve gotta do.

Not only that, by limiting your page to just headline and short sub copy, it helps you dial in that tempting message to get them to opt-in in the first place!


The next piece of the sales funnel that could be broken is if they opted in, but they aren’t opening your emails

I'm gonna assume you have a follow-up email campaign in place for people opting in, right?

Because that’s where you’re eventually going to sell them something.

Again, logic dictates that if they aren’t opening your emails, they aren’t gonna buy.

So we have, once again, only 2 areas of focus here to fix.

  1. Subject Line
  2. Email copy

It’s pretty simple when we break things down like this, isn’t it?

Know what I mean?

That would save us a TON of time re-writing email campaigns if all it was, was the subject line.


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So make sure you’re testing these in order

If you ARE getting opens…but they aren’t engaging and clicking on the links to the sale page, then your email copy needs some tweaking.

Again, it’s easier to fix your sales funnel because you know what’s broken now!


The last piece of the puzzle is if ALL of the above works…

  1. They are clicking on your ad
  2. They are opting in to your funnel
  3. They are opening and clicking your emails

…But they still ain’t buying.

So let’s fix it.

Guess how many things can be broken on your sales page?


You got it.

2 things.

  1. The copy
  2. The layout

Since this is the last place people end up before they buy, it’s a good place to spend time split testing.

But change/test things ONE at a time.

Even when it comes to layout, I would personally try a simple sales letter style page against a ‘fancier’ sales page with graphics and formatted layout.

So there you have it.

It’s how you break things down when your sales funnel isn’t working.

About the author 

Joey Ragona

Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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