The Facebook Pixel War – What You Need To Know

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I GOT CAUGHT in the cross-fire of the Facebook Pixel war!!

This is embarrassing.

But it happens to the best of us.

Here goes;

For the past few days, my Facebook Ads have done nuthin.


Or so I thought.

So, like I teach all my clients when something isn’t working, it’s time to blaze a new trail.

The first thing I did was turn off the ads that aren’t working.

More on that in a minute.


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Next, I decided to create a new lead magnet.

Burning the midnight oil, I get to sleep around 2:30am. It turned out awesome if I do say so myself.


Here’s why I’m telling you this.

I’m connecting the parts of the new funnel together today…double-checking my Facebook pixel and I notice leads coming in from the old lead magnet.


Remember I told you I turned OFF the old ads because the Facebook pixel said I had no conversions?

It’s true.

I turned 'em all off except one. Dunno why.

It’s a good thing though.

Because leads are coming in today on a regular basis.

But there’s more.

I checked the Facebook Ad stats … and they are reporting…you guessed it – NUTHING!


I’m spinning my wheels wondering why my ads aren’t working…yet, they are.

Here’s why I “got caught”

If you don’t know, there’s a “Facebook pixel war” on.

Simply, the browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) have a new “block tracking” feature.

And this screws up the reporting data you and me rely on.

Because they block Facebook from tracking anyone landing on our marketing lead pages.

I warned my clients about this weeks ago.

And here I am – totally freaking out – completely FORGETTING what I taught my clients to look out for 🙂



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Here’s why this is important.

This “pixel war” will continue.

Facebook, Google, and all the rest will figure something out to track again.

Then the browser dudettes will find a way to stop it.

So, the point of this LONG post is:

Make sure you track in many places.

I would have missed the fact my new opt-ins came from the Facebook Ads if I didn't have tracking set up in my Infusionsoft system.

And, I would have turned that last Facebook Ad off –

If you’re spinning your wheels with making Facebook ads work, take a look at my Facebook Insiders’ Group.

I update that membership constantly.

So, you are ALWAYS up to date with the latest information, strategies and workarounds so you don’t get caught like I did 🙂

I need to follow my own advice – don’t cha think?


Anyhoo – here’s where you get in on the group

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