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effective Facebook Ad
This week, a client asked me about writing an effective Facebook Ad.
So I thought the tip I shared with her would help you out too.
Before unveiling what makes Facebook Ads effective, I told her the top mistakes that so many people do. Those mistakes also make Facebook ads (or ANY ad for that matter) ineffective.
Here they are:
Any Facebook ad that starts with:
– The Company Name
– Product or Service
– Features and Benefits
– Comparison and Price
There's no other way to put it.
Because those copy angles do not make effective Facebook ads –  even if it get a few clicks.
If you want a classic example of Facebook Ads that don't work, take a look at what most real estate agents’ do.

Let’s talk about creating an EFFECTIVE Facebook ad shall we?


Here’s the ONE thing you need:

+ ONE big powerful idea
+ ONE single, powerful emotion
+ ONE engaging story or a compelling fact
+ ONE CTA (call to action)
Yea. I know I’ve listed 4 pieces – but each piece of the ad is focused on ONE single thing.
Due to the power of ONE, your Facebook ads come alive with magic pulling power. 

The reason is, you’re making it SIMPLE for people.

Because 90% of the Facebook ads out there use the “tossed salad” approach. Which mean marketers use too many different CTAs, a jillion things the product can do, and so on.
Therefore it makes people confused. 

Which is the opposite of an effective Facebook Ad

Stay away from the tossed salad approach when you want to write effective facebook ad copy.

Oh yea, AND make sure you don’t use the 4 big No-No’s I mentioned at the top 

If you follow my advice, you’ll have more effective Facebook Ads 🙂  

And if you REALLY want to make your Facebook ads work so you are getting consistent business and sales, you can talk to me about joining my private client group where for 12 amazing months, we scheme, blueprint and create the most effective, cost-saving, sales-driven personalized program JUST for you.

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Joey Ragona

Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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