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writing copy

If you're writing copy for sales pages…

…here's the first thing to do.

It's where I begin with all my Strategic Marketing Lab students…

…and suggest you do the same:

Customer Awareness Level

First of all, you want to know your prospects' level of awareness when you are writing sales page copy.

You want to know their awareness. As it relates to what you are selling.

Here are the 5 levels of awareness:

  1. Most aware
  2. Product aware
  3. Solution aware
  4. Problem aware
  5. Unaware


Writing Copy Using the 5 Levels of Awareness

Most noteworthy this framework is the starting point for anything I teach on writing copy. 

Because it eliminates any guesswork about the headline and the “lead in” you should use on your sales page.

Here’s an example.

If I have a splitting headache, I’m looking to get relief.

Am I looking for pain medicine, or am I looking for a specific brand like Tylenol?

If I’m looking for Tylenol, it means I’m product aware.

As a result, I know of the company.  I know what the product will do for me.

In this case, your sales page copy  might say “here’s where you can buy Tylenol.

(of course, don’t use that copy…it’s a top of head example)

The sales page copy does nothing more than give me the price and how to order.

Taking this one step further, I could also be in the “most aware” stage. Which means I could be looking for the best deal on Tylenol.

Also, prospects in the most aware stage are often looking for the right offer for the right price

Which means the sales page copy is all about the offer:

“Get 50% off Tylenol”

Side note:  if we’re sticking to this headache analogy, if someone has a splitting headache and needs relief fast, I would argue they don’t care about the price…because they want relief – FAST.

But if they are searching to stock up on headache medicine for the next time, that’s when they are not in an urgent phase.

Know what I mean?


Every Time You Are Copywriting Sales Pages  – “Meet” Your Customer Where They Are

As long as you know where your prospect lands on the level of awareness checklist, it will dictate how you begin writing copy for your sales page. And, it helps you define what the offer looks like.

Finally, I remember Gary Halbert’s answer after he asked a group of people about selling hamburgers.  He gave them the option to choose ONE thing they would want if they could have anything.

Some answers were “best location” & “tastiest beef”.

Gary said “give me a hungry crowd.”

So, your quest for writing copy that converts is to understand where your customers sit on the level of awareness ladder.

Are they:


  1. Most aware (is hungry)
  2. Product aware (knows you make a good hamburger)
  3. Solution aware (believes a hamburger is the best option)
  4. Problem aware (knows they’ll be hungry in a couple hours)
  5. Unaware (doesn’t even know what a hamburger is)

Hope that helps.

If you need more clarity; feel free to ask away!

About the author 

Joey Ragona

Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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