10 Entrepreneur Life Lessons Learned from Being an Entrepreneur

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lessons learned from being an entrepreneur

Here are The Top 10 Lessons Learned From Being an Entrepreneur


1. 80% of everything will fail.

2. Be okay with failing.

Because it’s not a matter of “IF” we fail. It’s a matter of how hard and how fast the failures come. So; we either fail forward, or fail and quit. The choice we make comes down to our core purpose for the business.

3. Have a clear purpose for the business.

If the purpose is ONLY money driven, it is not enough to get through the adversities. Refer to #1

4. Have the 4 “C”s in place at all time – Confidence, Clarity, Commitment and Coaching.

The last one gets you further, faster and eliminates overwhelm and distractions. Everyone wants faster results – but In order to have coaching, we need the other 3 “C”s in place.

5. ALL the money is made on the back end.

If we expect million dollar launches and webinars because we focus on outliers, we are sure to be disappointed. Which leads to..

6. Have a back end in place before pouring money into the front end.

This doesn’t mean have an entire system in place. That will only trigger analysis paralysis. It means that we acknowledge rule #1 & #5 and…

7. TEST.

Everything is a test. It doesn’t matter what Joey, Tom, Tony, Mary or Bob does. If we expect the same result from doing what everyone else is doing, we are sure to be disappointed.

That doesn’t mean don’t listen to anyone. It doesn’t mean never model other people to speed up the process. It means let your “expectations” down a bit. Hope for the best, and expect the rest.

8. TIME is the only constant.

Nothing else. We either waste it or learn from it.

We can’t SLOW DOWN, SPEED UP or REWIND time.

If we are unwilling to invest the time to learn, build, make mistakes and grow slowly, the only rewards we get are disappointment, stress, frustration and exhaustion.

Which means we’ll want to give up sooner.

It takes what it takes.

9. As Russell Brunson says: we ARE only “1 funnel away”

..or sale, project, customer. Reread rules 1-8 so this rule sets in.

10- Hard truth# – there are only 2 types of people; profit-driven or purpose-driven.

There’s no judgement here.

But here’s what I’ve learned.

Profit-driven (money being the only driver) people quit sooner, faster and often feel confused, jealous, angry and unlucky because they are after immediate results.  This is a big

Simply, profit-driven people ignore rules 1-9.

Here’s the counter-intuitive logic;

Even though Profit-driven people want and need money as fast as possible, Purpose-driven people NEED EVEN MORE MONEY.

Because purpose-driven people have a BIGGER reason to make money.

They have families, communities and causes they care about to support. They thrive on helping people first – even when it doesn’t make money at the start.

Because their true help turns into money.

And they know the more money they make, the bigger, positive impact they can make in the world.

In other words, purpose-driven people have a HUGE reason beyond their bank account to follow these first 9 rules.

There ya go.

10 lessons an entrepreneur must learn.

Great Speed Forward in everything you do.
Here's a cool article that gives us Business Advice from George Costanza
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