Are the best lead magnets positive or negative focused?

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best lead magnets

Michelle asks this about the best lead magnets:

“I appreciate we all have very different avatars. But wondered what the actual experience has been with lead magnets in terms of being negative or positive?

Humans are twice as motivated to avoid loss over gain, so wondering if “3 ways to avoid xyz mistakes is stronger than 3 ways to achieve xyz.

I will be testing this but would love to hear your experiences”

the simple answer is this:

It's 10x more difficult to sell prevention

Which is why insurance people have a hard time.

The reason is,  if we're trying to create the best lead magnets and sell a situation that may or may not happen in the future,  we need to change the worldview of our customers.   (related: How to Persuade People and Influence Them To Buy)

It's hard.

I'm not saying it can't be done…

…but imagine selling headache medicine to someone who doesn't have a headache ‘yet'.

“Buy these now in case of headache”

They’re thinking; “yea…if I have some time, maybe I'll swing by the store and grab a bottle.”

Know what I mean?

There's no urgency.

Above all, there's no ‘bleeding neck'

That's why the best lead magnets are when we ‘step into the world' of our prospect and highlight the crisis.

It allows you to write better copy that gets noticed

Because your customers are actively looking for a solution to stop the pain – whatever that pain is.


You don’t need to choose one over the other. You can combine a negative and positive message to create your best lead magnets:

“How to avoid X and get/feel Y”

Cool, right?

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