How to Write Headlines So You Can Position Your Product Better

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how to write headlines

Headlines are so important when it comes to marketing…so when I'm working with clients and tweaking their copy, it's one of the first places we start.


Because if people aren't reading your headlines, they won’t read the rest of your copy.

Headlines are the bridge between your product and your customer.

You’ve gotta get them over that bridge so they can buy what you have to offer.

Let’s take a look at 3 distinct ways to position your product inside your headlines.

Which one you choose depends on where your customer enters your world…

1st, if they are aware of your product and what it will do for them, start with your product in the headline.

“XYZ product will do XYZ for you.”

If your prospect already knows about your product, then your job is relatively easy.

In this case, you’re more than likely using price as the hook to get them buying.


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2nd…if they don't know about your product, but have a desire to fix whatever your product solves…

…then begin WITH the desire of the customer.

“Looking to Lose those Last 10 Pounds? Then Our XYZ Super Duper Product Makes It Easy…”

This is the category in which I find most of my clients.

They are tapping into a market with a desire – sell/buy a home, become rich online selling products, lose weight, etc.

When you’re in this category, you have a few things to deal with in your copy and headlines.

But this is where I find most clients making mistakes.

Because they focus on the FEATURES of the product.

And they totally MISS the BENEFITS.

Even further…they miss the EMOTIONAL benefits.

Yes…this emotional stuff works.  Even for  stuff like buying and selling real estate when we think ‘price’ is the most important thing.


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The ‘emotional buy’ is the ONLY buy you should be looking for.

So if your market has a desire to fix something, WHAT is the emotion they’ll feel when your product solves that problem?

In other words, how will the FEEL when they have bought and used your product/service?

3rd…if your prospect has no real desire to solve something, but is kinda aware of a general problem…

…then you have to build that desire by starting with the problem in the headline.

And when I say starting with the problem, you need to REALLY spotlight that problem!!

Because the prospect is not yet emotionally attached.

Here’s an example.

“What Would Happen If You Didn't Come Home From Work Tonight? Would Your Loved Ones Know What To Do? Would they know where your important papers & passwords are located?”

This one is for an insurance sale.

Everyone knows they ‘should’ have insurance…but it’s the last thing on the list.

Am I right?

Same goes for a will.

But if you’re older – perhaps 40 or above, that headline might hit home and get you to read the rest of the copy.

Anyhoo…just wanted to let you in on some copy-101.

Hope it helps!

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Joey Ragona

Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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