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unique selling definition

Whenever you want to position against your competitors, you need to have a unique selling definition that fulfills a promise.

I’m not talking about the BIGGGGG promise.

I’m talking about a REAL promise.

Your competitors are already using the BIG promises – and your prospects are thinking “yeah, right”.

Because prospects have heard it all before – and they’ve been duped.

So your job is to craft a unique selling definition with a promise that triggers emotional desires.

And there’s a simple formula you can follow when you want to create a unique selling definition that works:

Here it is:

The Simple 3-Step Unique Selling Definition Formula

1. Honesty – make sure your product / service does what you say it does

This is where a lot of the BS BIG promise marketing fails – because people are just making promises to get the sale.

I’m sure you’ve purchased something that doesn’t work as promised when you get home.

Don’t be that dude.

Step 2

2. What ORIGINAL benefit(s) does your product / service have/do ?

Did you catch that?

If you want to have an awesome unique selling definition, it’s got to be ORIGINAL.

And I don’t mean in the way you SAY it, I mean in what your product/service DOES!

This means you have to dig deep – if you're just another Joe-Blow selling the same crap for lower, that's not original.

Original was selling coffee in A K-cup.

“Convenient, always fresh – single brew coffee”

I don’t know if that was their unique selling definition, but it’s pretty close – don’t you think?

Step 3

3. Does it speak to the CORE desire of the prospect?

This is a BIG point that almost everyone misses when they’re crafting a unique selling definition.

Because you can’t CREATE desire.

You can only awaken what's already there. (Eugene Schwartz)

Sure, if you want to argue that you can throw a whack load of money at marketing and advertising and buy the biggest Super Bowl ad just to create desire, good job.

You’ve just blown all this money in the HOPES that it takes off.

That’s not “branding” or “advertising”.


And it usually puts a lot of companies in the bankruptcy pool.

So let’s jump back into the real world where most of us entrepreneurs don’t have the multi-billions to ‘create' desire and use what has worked for eons.

Rather than speaking to the surface level of desire like “make more money”, “lose weight”, “find your dream date” stuff…

We need to go a few levels deeper and find the emotional desire that unique selling definition actually triggers.

THAT’S when you’ve nailed a powerful unique selling desire

“Lose those ten extra pounds so you can fit into that dress and make everyone jealous of how great you look at the wedding.”

Imagine a woman who feels her body is just not “good” enough and has been made fun of all her life because she’s always a bit “chubby”.

That core desire of making everyone jealous (I dunno, I’m just pulling this out of me arse) would be a key emotional trigger in this unique selling desire example – wouldn’t you agree?

So there you go – a simple (but it’s challenging) 3-step formula to create a unique selling definition that works!

Let me know what you think below!  I'd love to get a conversation going!

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