Product Launch Ideas: What if people don’t click my email links?

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product launch ideas

Looking for product launch ideas?

Let’s say you’re doing a typical Product Launch with 3 PLC (pre launch content videos).

You want your email list subscribers to watch them, right?

But what if, for whatever reason, your list rarely clicks on links?

Now what?

How do you get people to watch the PLC videos?

Well, here's one of the product launch ideas I use with my strategic marketing lab members.

We deliver the content in a different format.

In this case, because people on your list are not clicking links…

One way is to deliver the content right inside the email.

That’s good…but it brings up another challenge.

If you have a lot of pre launch marketing ideas in your content, your email might be a bit lengthy.

Especially if you’ve transcribed your videos.



Here’s how to use the pre launch marketing ideas I'm talking about

Instead of writing an email of 5000 words, put the PLC content on your website.

Use 3 landing pages.

Each page will have the transcription from one of your PLC videos.

You are doing the same thing as if you were adding the videos to a landing page.

Next, take the first 3 – 500 words and put THAT in an email to people.

COPY TIP: when you are deciding where to stop the  email content, choose a “cliffhanger” point.

At the end of your email, you put a simple “finish reading” (or whatever) link.

The link goes to your landing page that hosts the entire content.


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Now when people read the email, they’ll want to continue reading the rest of the content.

That is…IF they are truly interested.

AWESOME product launch process, don't you think?

Because now, you’ll get clicks (which is good for your reputation with your ISP)

PLUS, you know whomever clicked is interested in whatever you are talking about.

PRO TIP: Tag those people who clicked to go read the rest of the content 🙂 so you can use this later in your email marketing and automation


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