How do you “convince” a customer?

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convince customer

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So I'm talking to some entrepreneurs about marketing and they were asking me how to ‘convince' more people.

They told me “people just don't understand me”

And I really wasn't surprised because people tell me this all the time.

If you're thinking: “They don't understand me”

It's probably the other way around my friend –

because if you find yourself explaining what you do, or how your product or service is good for someone all the time, you're in trouble.

Entrepreneurs are notorious for ‘ideas' that will change the world – and I love that about us.

But the ones that really DO change the world are the ones that are ‘listening' to their market.

They are tuned into the daily frustrations people have.

They know what problems people want solved.

So they DON'T have to convince ANYONE about buying their products.

Because they're telling the customer what problems it solves.

When Apple introduced the iPod so we could put 1000 songs in our pocket…that was a “problem” people had.

Imagine carrying hundreds of CDs with you every day.

It sounds crazy today because the iPod is such a major part of society…but the point is Apple tuned into the frustrations every day Joes like you an me had.

We may not have “known” we wanted an iPod, but we knew it was a pain in the butt to carry around our favourite CDs switching them in and out of the “convenient” disc man players that every one had.

If you're too young to remember the disc-man, look it up and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Geez, am I showing my age here?

So really, “convincing” a customer to buy from you is not convincing at all – it's about telling them how you, your product or service is going to benefit them.

And how do you know how it benefits them?

You have to be in tune with them.

You have to talk to them – ask them questions about what's bothering them –

Sometimes they even have a “solution” for you even if it sounds outrageous – and that's what you want to hear.

Take a look at Staples' “easy button” campaign.

How many customers do you think told them ” I wish it was easier?”

That could have meant buying a new desk chair, a computer, the right paper or pens…it really doesn't matter.

If you want “easy” – go to Staples. That's the message.

So what's your message?

Are you speaking in the language your customer is?

Another example is from the real estate industry. I'm a very big part of that because I coach many realtors and investors and the question about how to get more people to buy or more people to invest ALWAYS comes up.

The problem is that most of them do not talk BENEFITS to their customers.

Real estate investors talk about numbers and roi and cash on cash and staying power funds…and all the investor wants to know is “what is the risk and how will my investment give me what I want?”

Notice I didn't say “how much MONEY am I going to make?”

Because that's obvious – an investor DOES want to know how much money they're going to make…but what are they going to BENEFIT by making that money?

Same goes for the realtors – I tell them to have a specific buyer or seller in mind to market to because it means you can get very specific with your message.

Rather than saying “I'll sell your house fast for more cash that Joe blow realtor down the street”

You should be saying “your home sold on your terms” or something like that…

because when people are selling their homes they usually want to be ‘in control'.

Wouldn't you think that would get you ‘in the door' for a meeting if you were a realtor?

hey I'm just spit-ballin' here -I'm not a realtor but if I was, I would be talking to my intended market a helluva lot more to find what frustrates them about selling their home, real estate and other realtors.

And so it's not about convincing anyone to buy from you – it's about telling them how you are going to solve a problem they have….

Hope that helps you ! Now go find out what your customer's want solved…

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