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"We had a 4000% list growth but our beta launch failed with 0% conversions. After my first mastermind call with Joey I threw down a new email for our “nurture sequence” and after the Joey-inspired email hit inboxes the next morning, we had 11 lifetime members join our signature program! This Joey guy is real. I fell into his email list one night after completing yet another expensive and frustrating coaching program. Bleary eyed, I just typed “authentic” into the Facebook search box and it pointed me in the direction of this guy named Joey Ragona. He had a normal looking profile pic - what, no glitter and fanfare? This guy can’t be good-he looks too real, I thought. I was right. In just one mastermind call, he proved his passion, his knowledge, and his authenticity. And his authenticity taught me that while it takes more vulnerability to be authentic - it feels a hell of a lot better. I never liked glitter anyway!”

Sarah Harding
Super Mom

Before I started with Joey I felt overwhelmed. I knew I had to do something different to make more sales but I wasn’t sure what. That’s a frustrating place to be – there are so many things you *could* be doing but you don’t know what the first thing you *should* do is. Joey was incredibly personable and reassuring and helped me figure out the very next thing to do and how to do it. It’s empowering to get some Facebook campaigns up and running with a decent funnel, split testing and great copy. I was able to come through that dark tunnel of overwhelm and get excited about the potential of my business again, thanks to Joey’s guidance.

Kyle Buchannan
Memory Coach

Joey’s advice and training has been transformative in helping me refine my copy, and forcing me to clarify my thinking. It’s really energized the whole experience of building my business and marketing to my ideal clients. Since doing so I have been able to explain to others what I am doing, and instead of watching total confusion cross their face I have managed to evoke offers of help, or enquiries about how to sign up to my course!! The best thing Joey does is take what others stretch into entire courses, books, programs and seminars and boils it down into quick, simple action steps and frameworks that anyone can understand and use immediately.

Michelle Benson
Fundraising Career Coach

Joey makes complicated things much easier to understand - especially with my creative right brain! He guided me to a deeper clarification of my audience when I thought I had an honest and brilliant statement already. This will help me reach my ideal customer easier because I can "speak to" and connect with my market easier now. What I appreciate the most is that Joey is not pushy or salesy. He has so much knowledge and everything he shared with me really helped.That's exactly what this is all about. Love his dedication, kindness, and focus.Much respect!

Helena Summer
Love. Dating. Relationship Educator

During our initial consult call, Joey gave me so much value that I just knew he was who I was looking for. He gave me a few ideas, to jump into some FB group and listen to what people were saying, and to get on Amazon and start reading the reviews. I did both those things and copied and pasted many of the comments into an excel spreadsheet. From that spreadsheet, I was able to better identify some language that my ideal customer is using and some specific pain points. In addition, I started watching some of his live video training inside the Strategic Profit Lab membership. I took some of his ideas and implemented them…speaking to “one person" and also the ideas he gave about making your emails look less like marketing emails and more like personal one-to-one emails. I like this idea because it felt good, felt organic…I have always kinda hated the whole logo and picture of me thing on the emails but felt like I needed to because that was “how it was done". This last weekend I decided to try out the new strategy and see if I could drum up some sales…and I ran a little promo to a small audience of 480 on my list, so I was expecting to make just a few sales..maybe 1-2. I woke up this morning to 8 new sales! That was exciting to me. It's a great start and I feel like I owe it to Joey's help.

Brandi Clark
Fitness Expert

When I first joined the Strategic Profit Lab, I wasn’t sure how to discover my market niche’s problems. I could follow them on social media all day long, but what I really needed to learn was how to gather up their language and then use it in the right ways: namely, to describe EXACTLY how I can solve their problems. Joey showed me how to research and gather data. He identified the questions I should be asking to find out exactly who my clients are and how I should be reaching out to them. He’s helped me understand how to speak to prospective customers in a precise and compelling way, so I can attract more customers to my business. I really love, love SPL - the community is so supportive and I’ve learned so much being here.

Julie Tyler

You definitely helped my during our strategy session. You helped me realize that I needed to focus on the right niche that I had a passion for, and I did it. There will always be doubts because change brings fear and fear brings doubt, and I admit that I had all of them. But thank you for believing in me and helping me better for not only myself but for my clients and the people around me.

Andrei Angelkovski
Real Estate Investor and Agent

"Our life was mass chaos - constantly filled with to do's. Joey makes us think of sh*t I need to think about. He has caused our business to has grown in ways it wouldn't be able to without his clarity & focus. Joey stretches our minds and ways of doing things so we can constantly expand our business"

Monika & Vaughan Jazyk
Real Estate Investor Wealth Experts

Thank you Joey! You helped me see other options to my email dilemma for my launch process and because of your 'dive right in attitude' you gave me way more than I thought I would get. Your honesty and 'cut to the chase' approach enabled me to feel right on track by the end of our call together. Don't stop giving to people in the way you are because it is refreshing. Thank you.

Sarah Farrat

I’ve been in business for 20 years and using online marketing for over 5 years.... and Joey Ragona is without question THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE marketer and on line specialist Me and my team have ever worked with!!!! His knowledge and familiarity with software, plug ins and analytics is unsurpassed by anyone I have worked with! As a result of our call, I updated our campaigns and increased our reach to our audience...If you want to build a following, grow your list and generate more money Joey is your guy!!

Dan Blackburn
Coach and Leader of Youth Hockey Atheletes

If you want to learn from the best, organize and have structure in your business, then Joey is the guy. The best part is, you get someone who truly wants you to succeed and will challenge you to the core because Joey is a man of true integrity and has a unique ability to help you progress as an entrepreneur. He gives from the heart and will always be there when you need to talk to someone…he’s never turned me away. You need to know how sincere he is about helping others and making a difference. His mastermind sessions are great and his clients are getting amazing growth and value because they are doing whatever it takes to grow personally and professionally.

Tahani Aburaneh
Trainer and Coach to Professional Realtors, Investors and Entrepreneurs

"Joey is both extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping entrepreneurs build their business through online marketing. His ability to make complex systems easy to understand and implement is so refreshing; as is his patience and commitment to his clients."

Lauren Jawno
High Performance Life Coach

Sometimes when you have business for some time it is hard to make changes. Working with Joey helped me understand that sometimes changes are necessary if you want to achieve better results. For example, Joey helped us to rewrite series of follow-up emails that we send to customers who visited our store however did not yet make a purchase. After the change, response from these emails was amazing and we were able to convert many more visitors into customers. Now, I look forward to our next meeting where we can brainstorm more ideas which should have an incredible impact on my business.

Olga Pomeransky
Best for Bride Owner

I highly recommend Joey Ragona as a business coach for anyone that is wanting to create and market digital products. He is extremely helpful and always willing to go out of his way to help people.

Catherine R. Dove
Online Business Strategist
Kate vanderVoort Social Media Expert
Tracey Lorenson
Mat Piche Real Estate Agent and Investor
Leesa Scott Wellness Leader - LMT CST
Darlene & Gary Hibbert Real Estate Agent / Mortgage Broker
Tom Zarecky Commercial Real Estate Agent
Debbie Gilbert Real Estate Investor
Jenny McKaig Author / Writing Coach
Dr. Deborah Hecker Relationship Expert

Huge help to my business

Joey is the real deal and has been a huge help in my business. Take him up on the free consult and see if it's a fit! What do you have to lose?

Was able to get a quick grasp on my business

Feeling jazzed about acting on the very practical advice Joey gave me today on our coaching call. It was refreshing to find someone who could cut through all the bulls#%t and noise. In this very first call Joey was able to get a quick grasp on my business, to identify specific actionable changes I could make immediately to make more money, not in a year, but this month. Thanks so much for your time, one of the best hours I've spent since starting my business.

Amazing Business Coach

"Joey is an amazing business coach! He's helped me get focused, clear and energized about my business and goals. My life has never been the same since! If you're looking for a coach to take your business and life to the next level, there's no one better!"

He outlines and explains each step in a simple and straightforward manner

I was looking for a template or guide to make sure I would get my first email marketing campaign off to a solid start. I needed a boost of confidence from someone who has been successful in their own field of online marketing...and Joey came through with his guideline. I have heard all of this information before, however, the way Joey states it hit the mark for me! He outlines and explains each step in a simple and straightforward manner. This is a guide any beginner should have and any seasonal marketer will refer back to again and again.

We feel re-energized and have a clear direction

"If we could only recommend one coach to everyone we know, hands down it would be Joey Ragona. Joey has been able to successfully analyze our business and helps us get to the next level in our personal lives as well. He was able to identify what was important for us and shape our game plan to ensure we stayed true to our dreams. By simply asking the right questions and giving me his true undivided attention during our calls, he was able to implement the correct solutions. It's an incredible feeling after a call with Joey because we feel re-energized and have a clear direction. We asked ourselves if this coach can really deliver...and you HAVE! Although what you have shared with us isn't earth shattering, it definitely has been life changing..."

Hands on - not just blah blah blah

There are really only two options - either I try to figure out everything myself or I learn from someone. I really like the hands-on approach - it wasn't just blah blah blah. I learned all the steps that are needed to make it happen, workflows and funnels! I got so much value from everything that was delivered.

I have more clarity

I have a lot more clarity, I have an action plan, I’ve got things I need to do next week, and things I plan to do next month

Now I have strategies, tools and techniques...

Now I feel like I have strategies, tools, and techniques, that are very very tangible and real and I can implement in my everyday business

I Love Your Inputs...

I really admire your spirit and drive and the fact that you stand out from the rest of us who have a certain educational background and haughtily think we know more than we do. I love your inputs.

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