Email list building strategies: why unsubscribers are good!

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email list building strategies

A coaching client asked me about email list building strategies and was worried  “if I send emails weekly, people will be bothered and they'll unsubscribe”


One thing you have to realize about email marketing is this:


There's a lot of “email marketing teachers” that will tell you a BIG list is the way to go when it comes to your email list building strategies.

It's not true.

Bigger is NOT better.

In fact, the bigger, more un-engaged email list, the WORSE it is.

Here's why:

When you grow your email list with people who do not engage with you – that means open your emails, click your links, BUY from you…

… in the eyes of the Googles and the Bings, Yahoos and so forth, all you're doing is sending out “crap”.

Even if you're not.

Why do the internet Gods see it this way?

Because they see is 10,000 emails go out, 200 people open.

Which is NOT a good ratio.

Then you add MORE people.

And this time, the Bings, Yahoos and Googles see 10,200 emails go out and 210 open.

STILL not a good ratio (I'm not a math guy, so you'll have to figure that ration out on your own 🙂 )

In fact, your ratio's getting worse.

Here's my point about email list building strategies:

When people unsubscribe, it means they are NOT your ideal customer and never would have bought from you in the first place.

They have basically filtered themselves out – and that's GOOD!

Because, you won't have the possibility of them tagging you as a SPAMMER because they think you're bugging them.

Get me?

So your email list building strategies include getting  HIGH QUALITY people that actually engage and communicate with you.

And, if THAT type of list grows bigger…then, yes, all the better 🙂

How'd ya like that?

Let's get a conversation going below.

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Joey Ragona

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