Why 2017 New Year is Your Year!

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2017 New Year

My friend,

Here we are.

2017 New Year.

All I ask of you is this:

Be aware that your life will have UPs this year.

Things will turn around for you.

You will have many moments of pure joy and optimism.

You'll feel unstoppable.

And you'll also hit the wall.

Because that's what life brings. UPs and DOWNS.

Deal with it.

2016 (as many call it the worst ever) was just another year of those ups and downs.

Want me to prove it?

Go back and read your own posts from 2015 leading into 16.

Compare it to the ones leading into this 2017 New Year.

Perhaps 2016 was a bit tougher on you than the person beside you…I get it.

But they've had their fair share also.

We ALL have shit to deal with – EVERY year.

So here's the deal for your 2017 New Year and beyond

If you focus on the negative, the stuff you don't want, you'll just move closer towards that.

Do you think a pilot focuses on the ground when she's flying? Do you think she constantly asks herself “what if the engines shut down and we crash?”


She's focused on where she has to go.  When she hits turbulence, she adjusts the flight, the path, and deals with it.

Because there's too many people depending on her.d

Just like you.

Think about how many depend on you, and what you're doing all of this for.

When you look ahead to your blank canvas, look at ways of dealing with your own turbulence.

Because that's what's going to happen.

I'm not a mentalist, or have a super power to predict the future.

But I'm dang sure about this because it happens every year.

Look, I truly believe that MOST of your 2017 New Year is going to kick ass.

But some of it will suck. That's what makes you human. It keeps you going. It builds your character.

It makes you who you are.

You're a fighter. A winner. You know that right?

Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this and you probably wouldn't be a part of my tribe.

You're not like the people who are the same every year, no matter what.

The ones who never adjust or face turbulence in a winning way.

They have a “woe is me” attitude.

Two years ago, my 50th was supposed to be MY year.

For so many reasons.

Instead, it kicked my ass.

I COULD have said “see? Nothing ever works out for me”

But two years later (in fact even 1 year later) everything changed for me. BECAUSE of that ass kicking.


At the end of the day, you DO have the power to decide if 2016 was a “good” year or not.

Most of all,  you'll have the same power to decide how 2017 is rolling out for you.

It's all perspective.

Happy New Year my friend.

You've got this.

BTW…if you want a cool way to be more productive and stay on track this year, here's a cool article I wrote:  How to Have a Better New Year with ONE Exercise

Hey, did you like this?  Didn't like it?  Let's start a conversation below!!!

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