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WriteFast Copywriting Method

Here is a summary of the proprietary WriteFast™ copywriting method I use when I write copy.

It will totally help you write fast and powerful copy that persuades and converts.  This method is called DynamicAssembly™. It's the foundation of what I teach in my Write Marketing Copy program.

Think of this copywriting process as “Copy Lego”

1. Go to areas where your avatar hangs out (forums, FB groups, Amazon book reviews, Quora, even places like Udemy, etc) and copy everything where they talk about their problems, pains, frustrations, wants, needs, etc.  This is the way you do easy copywriting research.

copy and paste to ONE big doc.

I call this a Copybank™

(you can see a demonstration of the Copybank™ here)

One important rule: do NOT edit or decide at this point on “will I use this?” Or “how will I use this?”

Just swipe the market language. It's one of the best copywriting research methods I know

2. Highlight and summarize the CopyBank™  document. Pick out the language patterns, emotional words etc.

3. USE those words and phrases to answer the Empathy Questions:

  • What do they see
  • What do they  hear
  • What do they  think
  • What do they say
  • What do they do
  • What do they feel
  • What are the pains
  • What are the gains?

BTW, it doesn’t matter where we use this language either. Landing page – sales page, email, challenge or chat copy…whatever.

  1. Then look for patterns. Because patterns group into objections. Turn the objections into positive statements. (This is specifically for sales pages etc. But still, work as individual emails) and prove the claim and give benefits.
    Use the words and phrases all the way through. You hardly ever  “Write” copy.  You assemble it.

When you are ready, you now move that language into a ‘copy structure' (ie. framework) that you want to use. There are tons of copy frameworks out there to help. AIDA, PASTOR, whatever.

One of the easiest copywriting frameworks is from Joe Vitale:

  • Promise
  • Proof
  • Price

Here’s how it might work.

    • Promise
      • In step one,  round up your audience by focusing on what they want.
        • Want compelling copy that speaks to your audience without spending hundreds of hours becoming a copywriter?
    • Proof
      • An example again might be
        • The Dynamic Assembly ™ system gives you the confidence to put together copy in a few hours – even if you're a total beginner and hate writing. Because you use a combination of proven frameworks and templates
      • Here's another example: 
        • Fast Video Creator gives you the built-in templates, images, and even audio tracks to make a video with a couple of clicks of the mouse in less than 5 minutes.
    • Price
      • Finally, in step three, you ask for their order by mentioning the price.
        • With a small investment of $1500, you can have the exact marketing copy to get customers to buy from you right now and – own the copywriting skill for life
        • For only $297, you can be creating video content and marketing messages by the end of the day.  Just click here.

I know this is a quick summary of the steps, but it is the entire copywriting process to get you going.

This is by far the FASTEST and easiest way to “write” copy.

I know because I've written copy for more than 35 years.  And I've also proven it by teaching people who are non-copywriters, who don't like writing, and don't WANT to be copywriters 🙂

So you can do it as well.

But it's this initial copywriting research process (the stuff most people skip)  that matters!  Make no mistake.  Without doing the CopyBank file first, all you're doing is guessing.  Same as if you hired a copywriter – they would be guessing – but on YOUR dollars.

By doing this upfront “research” and digging, you can THEN use copywriting frameworks and templates (like the paster copywriting framework from Ray Edwards' book How to Write Copy That Sells and many more) SO MUCH EASIER because now you have the specific market language paired with PROVEN templates.

Viola – you've just written copy without becoming a copywriter.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'd be happy to answer

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