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facebook ad help

Every once in a while we all need Facebook ad help, am I right?

This week I set out to conquer a consulting client’s ad campaign that was getting disapproved over and over.

The First Thing You Should Know When Looking for Facebook Ad Help

Although their advertising policies directions aren’t the best, they ARE there to help you and me.

I’ve read them more than a few times, and STILL missed this:

Facebook ad policy

Here’s a pic of the ad that was disapproved:

Facebok Ad Help Pic #1

Can you see where I messed up?

The Best Facebook Ad Help From the Inside

I have to say, chatting with a Facebook Ad rep this time was really helpful.

He pointed out that my wording was targeting “attributes” of my prospects.

In other words, I was “calling them out”.

But that’s what I’m used to – it’s what I teach all my consulting clients in direct marketing…

But it will REALLY mess you up when you’re doing Facebook ads.

So here’s the ad I fixed that “won” the approval of the compliance team:

Facebook Ad Help Pic #2

Can you see the subtle differences?

I'm no longer “speaking” to a specific person – it could be anyone.

That's what I gather Facebook wants…

So props to the Facebook dude who helped with this wording too….

I totally learned something.

So Here’s the Facebook Ad Help Summary:

When you’re doing any ads for Facebook, ensure you’re not targeting a specific “person” in the ad.

That’s what I’m gathering.

It’s the polar opposite of how you and me would write a sales letter, design a landing page, etc.

As you can see from the ad above that “won”, it’s “kinda” targeting ANYONE – which goes against all direct marketing rules, right?

However, you CAN still PLACE the ad in front of targeted audiences ;).


What’d you think? Have any comments, thoughts, ideas?

Let’s start a conversation below!

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