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direct email marketing

Ok let’s begin with the general question about “where to start” when it comes to direct email marketing.

Any answer you get to this question will be highly opinionated – as is mine. So please keep that in mind as you read further🙂
If you have list of email leads and want to tell them about your product or service the first question I have is..”how much time have you invested in the goodwill process?”

In other words,how long have you emailed them with pure content? Giving them stuff that actually helps them?

Direct email marketing works best when your follow up emails AFTER they jump on your list should be of PURE value. Because these are usually people opting in for a “freebie”.


At this stage of the direct email marketing strategy, we arrive at what I call “The Impress Stage”, your job is to do just that. Impress them with your expertise, knowledge and advice.

When I say impress, it’s not about pounding our chest like a 800 pound gorilla or standing on our soap box claiming we are the best.


The best process is to continue the conversation that’s already going on inside their head.

Direct Email Marketing Examples;

Let’s say someone opted in for a lead magnet that gives them a checklist on the best daily exercises to do in 5-minutes. So they can lose 20-pounds in 60 days.

Maybe your follow up direct email marketing strategy is encouraging them to do one of the exercises and asking them“which one do you like the best?”-

this gets engagement and communication back and forth.Because they realize there is a real HUMAN behind the “automated” email.

Then, you might have a third email that gives them another checklist of the best protein shakes they can use to help with their weight loss journey.

Giving them small wins is critical during the direct email marketing process

PLUS…notice I haven’t asked for anything yet.I didn’t promote my product or service.

I can go on and on and on about the email sequence here, but I won’t make this post any longer that it needs to be.

hopefully this gives you an idea of what I mean when it comes to“what should the emails be about?”

❌The biggest mistake people make with their direct email marketing strategy is transitioning …JUMPING to offering something to buy way too soon.❌

Brilliant Marketer Dean Jackson Explains The Two Decision Sale Points

Now and Not Now

So the CORE of your emails at the beginning should be about the very thing they opted in for. Carry on the conversation.

WOW them (impress) with your goodwill. Make sure that goodwill improves their life…even if it’s a small thing.

THIS will set you apart from 85% of the email marketers out there.

Because people know why we want them on our email list. So their guard is up.

And that brings us to how we present the offer to get them to buy.

The way we do this is simple.

We blatantly tell them we are going to sell something. We ask them to “put their names on the list” so we can “market” to them.

But here’s the difference.

This is done after a set period of goodwill. It’s usually 80/20. For every 10 emails, you might throw in a “BTW” marketing message.

Here’s an example of “BTW” from one of my emails. I won’t copy the entire email, just the “BTW” part. But imagine this email was all about marketing and Jay Abraham (another brilliant marketer);

“BTW; one of the products I created from doing this exercise with Jay is my new Strategic Marketing Blueprint program.

It’s in the second beta stage and I’m inviting a new pilot group to test things out.

The reason I’m doing this is to get more feedback before I make an official public release in 2020.

If have a product, know it’s good, but losing sales because your marketing message isn’t working…this masterclass program is for you.

All you need to do is click here to add yourself to the notification list. I’ll keep you updated about the next class.”

Do you see how NON-SALESY that is?

AND, it’s after an email full of value.

I can tell you that everyone who puts themselves on that list is NEVER annoyed at me when I hit ‘em harder with “marketing emails” about the product.

So I hope this gives you a bit of insight on how to approach your direct email marketing.

If I missed something please let me know below and I’ll do my best to answer🙂

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