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creating your marketing message

I Want to SHARE something about creating your marketing message with you:

Today on a coaching call with a long time client, we were talking about “usual” stuff…

How to monetize stuff, how to get more people into a funnel and offer them some cool stuff, what to do WHEN they're on our list, etc…

And it came back down to this:

When Creating Your Marketing Message – Ask…

“What do I offer people that will benefit / change their life?”

In other words, we can use all the tactics and BS marketing stuff other speakers, presenters and marketers use to “trick” people into joining their lists…

But it's getting harder for them to fly under the radar.

I'm not SUGGESTING you DO that… and I'm not saying I've EVER taught people to do that…

What I'm saying is, the public is way smarter than you think.

And, they are much more leery of doing anything – no matter how good you promise shit.

So the answer is – TELL THEM EXPLICITLY how you are going to help them when you are creating your marketing message.

They want to know how your stuff benefits them…

NOT just the stuff they “get”.

In other words, if you're asking people to sign up to your newsletter for “updates”…who cares?

EVERYONE has updates.

Updates for WHAT?

WHAT are those updates gonna do for me?

HOW is it gonna help me clear up my gonorrhoea ?

Get me?

( I really don't know why I chose gonorrhoea for this example, I just went with it)

HOW do you make things better when creating your marketing message?

Whenever…and I mean EVERY TIME you write down “here's what you get…” stuff,

Ask yourself “so what?”

And if you can come back with a GREAT answer to “so what”…

THAT'S the benefit usually…

Because I'll tell ya something…

Your prospects are asking themselves the same “so what” question for every bullet point, promise and feature you spit out.

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Joey Ragona

Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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