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One of the greatest rewards I can ever receive is watching the success of my clients.  Alysa Golden started working with me in October 2019. 
She coaches health and wellness practitioners so they gain more freedom, flexibility, and money with an online course.
Before working together, Alysa made her first and only sale in August of 2019  from a beta group of health and wellness practitioners.
Not the “win” we are promised in this business am I right?
But that didn't stop Alysa.  Because she joined my Strategic Marketing Lab Facebook group.  And she immediately felt ‘home'.
By October 2019, Alysa was ready for my Strategic Marketing Blueprint program.  As she says “it kept me moving forward when I was feeling disjointed.”
And that's a good thing.  Because Alysa did free webinars and added true value to people throughout the fall. 
She sold a few things here and there and did some 1-1 coaching.
I helped Alysa niche down to mental health practitioners (from the larger group of health and wellness practitioners) just before Christmas.
And this is when everything began to change.
With a revised marketing message, Alysa launched another webinar.  And SOLD her big course!
February of 2020 was her BIGGEST month ever…and then COVID hit.
But that still didn't stop Alysa.  Because heart-centered entrepreneurs with a passion to serve people first don't quit.  They don't quit on themselves.  And they don't quit on the people they can ultimately serve.
Here's the thing.
Building a business isn't all sunshine and roses.
So Alysa took the next 3 months to re-center. With her mind free, she wrote a book at that time.  It wasn't in the “plan” but we'll use it in some way for the business moving forward.  The point is, Alysa didn't quit like 85% of people do.
Then in May of 2020, after taking my Write Marketing Copy program Alysa started doing more free webinars. With newfound marketing language.
We assessed what worked and what didn't.  She developed a couple more paid products. 
And her conversions were good because she spoke to the narrow niche.
Lots of zoom calls, the constant value in a couple of groups, and then another similar business asked to collaborate with Alysa.  This relieves Alysa from doing any of the marketing and advertising…and she taps into an established base of potential customers just waiting for her to serve them.
This is ALL because of the constant value add that I teach in my Strategic Marketing Blueprint.
From there she had 2 sales – one for private coaching.
If you still think all of this is not worth the effort,  a third private client came from a free zoom call Alysa did 6 months ago.
At the time of writing, Alysa has 4 private clients altogether now paying monthly.
Plus she put them all on Kajabi. So there is monthly affiliate income there too.
Now Alysa is in another launch of her big signature course and poised to scale her business like she always wanted.
But this time, the business is in alignment with how she wants to live her life.
How AWESOME is that??
It is a gift to work with purposeful people like Alysa Golden.  Plus the gift never ends when I see the expanding results from the hard work and passion of clients like Alysa.
Bravo on all your accomplishments so far Alysa!  You serve the world as promised<img draggable=” 

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Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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