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Here's the business high performance transcript from the podcast:

~ Begin Transcript ~

What is your day like?

Are you in reaction? Distraction?

Are you constantly pulled in every direction feeling like you’ve got nothing done?

Well today I want to talk about your routine…

Do you HAVE routine?

I’m just back from spending a week with my coach & mentor Brendon Burchard and a room of more than 500 high performers working on our own daily chess game.

Because that’s what it is isn’t it?

A chess game.

What is the right piece to move – to where – at the right time?

What makes us perform at high levels? There are a few things…like your mindset and the productivity routines you have of course…

But I was also very aware that all of the speakers, the millionaires and billionaires talked about diet and routine physiology.

It’s not a ‘SHOCK’ per sa…

But it’s not common practice for a lot of us. Me included.

I think our daily routines either fuel us or “F” us up.

The reason we are unmotivated or don’t get things done as we want is that we haven’t set up our day from the moment we wake up to be productive.

most people wake up, turn their phone on (if it was off), check email and the messages they missed “trying” to get some sleep. Because let’s face it, MOST people even have trouble sleeping because they’re juggling things in their minds all night long.

They are not giving themselves a break-even at night, let alone the day.


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So the morning starts with distraction – with PANIC to deal with the incoming noise from others.

And God help us if we haven’t had a good nights sleep.

We grab a double latte or something and pump the caffeine through our veins hoping it will get us moving.

These high producers GENERATE their energy – they get up and DECIDE to get moving. They stretch, they drink water to start their day, they meditate and work out…

In other words, they are spending QUALITY TIME with themselves.

They haven’t yet let the world in.

For the most part, I’ve been doing a solid “me time” routine for a few years now. So this wasn’t ‘news’ to me.

But I didn’t ‘shut down’ and not listen thinking “yea I already know that”

Uh uh…

Because the moment we do that, we miss the Gold.

Arianna Huffington said one thing that stuck with me “Sometimes, You can FINISH a project just by dropping it”

Think about that.

It’s brilliant because most entrepreneurs like you and me _ and you’d be lying if you don’t agree with me (laugh)…have too many projects on the go.

And we feel GUILTY or that we’re cheated somehow if we don’t finish it. EVEN if that means the project does nothing for us in the end.

Have you ever read a book you hated?


Because you PAID money for it? OR you felt you were so far into it you may as well finish it?


High performers take on what they know they can finish – and when they can’t or when it’s no longer serving them, they have no problem dropping it.

But I digress, I’m getting totally off track here..

The point I want to make is that YOUR routine is the most important strategy you can employ in your day. It will make or break you.

Take 5 minutes and literally WRITE DOWN what you do every day on a consistent basis.

As a coach, this is what I would be asking you to do. And then look at it. How much of it is actually benefitting you?

How much of it can you move to another time slot or even eliminate?

And more importantly, what can you ADD to your daily routine that will positively impact your life?

~ End Transcript ~

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