Joey Ragona

Business Breakthrough Architect and

Certified Email Marketing Specialist


What's holding YOUR business and freedom back?

SCREW the disclaimers because...

These Results ARE Typical - and...

...when you partner with me for ONE day,
I GUARANTEE you will have a clear direction and strategic plan
so you can go from procrastination to prioritizing
without working longer or harder.

SATURDAY, OCT 21st, 2017

Full Day Experience (9am - 9pm)


Countless Entrepreneurs Have Turned Overwhelm into Focus and Structure
Procrastination into Productivity and Found Answers to Nagging Fears and Obstacles As Participants of my Business Breakthrough Mastermind
Resulting in More Customers, More Money and More Freedom...

If You Truly Want More Money and More Freedom Then You Simply Need to Read The Information Revealed Below!

Joey Ragona

Business Breakthrough Architect and

Certified Email Marketing Specialist

I found by working with countless entrepreneurs, there’s only one reason they are building a business. And I’m betting it’s the same for you.


Am I right?

Your business is not about working 18 hour days. It’s about creating a better lifestyle. It could mean more flexibility, more time with your spouse and your kids, perhaps you want to take more vacations without being handcuffed to only 2 weeks a year…

If you’re like many of the struggling entrepreneurs still trying to get your business up to the level you need so you can get to that freedom faster…listen up.

Either you haven’t gotten around to building a “real” business because you’re still overwhelmed at all the choices…or you haven’t discovered the unconventional business building methods that are required to make you the kind of money you deserve.

Whether you want to admit it or not, you are sacrificing the little freedom you already have trying to put all the pieces in place by yourself – and no matter how much you love what you’re doing…

You are virtually “chained” to this business every day, day-in, day-out.

And that’s where I come in.

I’ll simplify the overwhelm, distractions and choices so you can stop putting your life on hold, make more money, and enjoy your life.

You’ll eliminate the fear & push through the ceilings in your business. And that’s not a false promise or marketing hype…because I’ve done it over and over again, consistently helping entrepreneurs grow their business to financial success and personal freedom.

I’ve coached entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you – using the exact same methods I’m going to share with you to get more business, more money and simply transform your business.

I know these methods work.

FACT: My Mastermind Students Become More Focused & Have New Direction to Move Forward Because They've Found The Next Steps They Were Missing...


In one day, it really leapfrogged 6, 8, 12 months…

Steve White - Mortgage Broker & Real Estate Investor

I have more clarity


I have a lot more clarity, I have an action plan, I’ve got things I need to do next week, and things I plan to do next month

Debbie Gilbert - Real Estate Investor

People genuinely trying to help me...


There’s no replacement for people getting together, sharing ideas and genuinely trying to help me with the daily grind that I’m doing, and all of them give me basic solutions on how to achieve some of the goals I have set for myself.

Herman - Printing

This is so big for any business person to experience what Joey Ragona offers at this event

Ash Silva - Connector

Discover The Strategies & Truth To Building A Business That No One Has Ever Had The Guts To Share With You

What I’m about to share with you in my mastermind are the real-world mindsets, decisions and strategies I’ve learned and used to build my own businesses as well as help others do the same.

These are the exact strategies you always wished someone would reveal to you, but no one ever did because they don’t have the guts to tell you the truth and hold you accountable.

A typical entrepreneur believes they need to work harder, longer, better – to give it everything they’ve got. And if they can just “grind” and continue to hold on, something amazing will happen one day.

My question is “how long are you willing to sacrifice your life waiting for something magical to happen?”

I know you deserve it. The entrepreneur “promises” of wealth, freedom and happiness are out there…most of it in the movies.

You can dance around the truth, living in denial as long as you want.

The truth is – building a business that gives you the freedom, money and wealth you deserve is not easy.

And it’s even harder when you’re doing it on your own.

Especially if you don’t know what your next steps are or how to put systems in place so your business can run on its own without you being there 18 hours a day.

This mastermind
is GUARANTEED to work

because it is NOT
a typical training workshop

Here's How It Works:

You’ll spend the entire day with a small group (8 in total) of high achieving entrepreneurs just like you. EACH individual is given the opportunity to sit on the ‘hot seat’ so the group can identify and help you eliminate your current obstacles.

That means your questions are answered and your voice is heard. Together, we’ll figure out what’s really holding you back…and we’ll design an action plan for you to get moving again.

Here's Why It Works:

For a lot of entrepreneurs, it proves there are possibilities & solutions right in front of you, but you’ve been too overwhelmed to discover them! I’ve watched enough entrepreneurs sacrifice years of precious time learning stuff they never use, write down notes they never look at again, and invest thousands of dollars a year trying to grow their business by chance!

They make costly mistakes setting them back even MORE years, adding MORE stress and chaos to their already complex lives.

So this mastermind STOPS that cycle! After this single powerful day, you are no longer left to figure things out on your own.

Your personal focus session will reveal true solutions you’ve never thought about... And, like everyone that has attended before, you will be well on your way to accelerating your personal income and business growth the moment you step out of the room.

Because you’ll have a clearer path with a structured action plan so you can finally move forward with confidence and clarity to reach your freedom in the fastest way possible!

Here's how we'll break down the day:


Welcome introductions and cool new business training that's working today with round table discussion


Individual hot-seat focus sessions so we can help you with the obstacles in your business.


Business training session #2 with more round table discussion so you know how to apply it to your business

Mid-Afternoon to Close

Individual hot-seat focus sessions

Real world practical advice and training that is focused on your business

Small group of entrepreneurs so you get full attention and focus

So…if you’ve gotten to the end of this page and you’re still reading, wondering if you should take action…then you must be questioning if investing your time and money to spend a day with me so I can help you discover your limiting obstacles and show you how to build a solid, self-sustaining business is worth it?

Here’s my answer:

Are you serious?

I can’t even begin to understand anyone who says they are serious about business and success who would not JUMP on this opportunity immediately.

I’ve even gone as far as TOTALLY guaranteeing that you will walk away with strategies, insights, mindsets, methods and systems that will propel you forward like you’ve never experienced…and if not, I will pay you back EVERY SINGLE PENNY you’ve paid.

I assure you – if you are still questioning the effectuality of this mastermind coaching – this is not for you.

But most realistic entrepreneurs KNOW they need some kind of guidance and coaching to get themselves focused and productive. That’s the reason the coaching business is thriving. Because there’s too much information and distraction. There’s just too much to do.

We all need someone else to look at our business and life through a different lens to give us new perspectives, ideas and solutions.

I’m not asking for a commitment to a 25-thousand dollar coaching program.

I’m inviting you to spend a day with me so I CAN SHARE what I learn from the 25k coaching programs I’ve been a part of and continue to be a part of.

I am constantly investing in coaching so I can improve the quality of my life through my business success. I wouldn’t let another minute go by without signing up for this. I never penny-pinch when there’s a chance to change my life forever. It’s always an investment into my future in my mind.

But this is about me – it’s about you.

Your business. Your life. Your future.

And I can tell you honestly:

If you feel your business has the potential to create the freedom and wealth you deserve…and if you often feel discouraged and overwhelmed because it’s not taking off like it should be…I personally promise you this mastermind will be the beginning of things getting so much better.

SATURDAY, OCT 21st, 2017

Full Day Experience (9am - 9pm)