How did she get 100% of her investment back from her first cohort?

Julie Bale's ATLAS Story

Julie shares her positive experience with the Atlas program and highlights the importance of serving clients and unlearning manipulative marketing techniques. She explains that before joining Atlas, she felt stuck and disconnected from how she wanted to serve the world and how she was able to serve it due to the marketing techniques she felt she had to use. She also felt that she didn't know how to manage her business or connect with new clients.

However, after joining Atlas, Julie felt relieved and empowered by the program's emphasis on building genuine relationships with clients and community building. She believes that the Atlas program is unique in its focus on helping coaches align their values with their work and make a positive impact in the world.

Julie also discusses the challenges she faced during the program, such as the amount of content and the need for inner work. However, she emphasizes that the community and support provided by Atlas helped her overcome these challenges and make significant progress in her business.

Overall, Julie recommends the Atlas program to anyone looking to align their values with their work and make a positive impact in the world. She believes that the program provides a unique and valuable approach to coaching that prioritizes genuine connection and community building.

It's also worth mentioning that Julie achieved a significant milestone with the Atlas program, as she was able to get a 100% return on her investment with her first cohort. This success is a testament to the effectiveness of the Atlas program and the potential it holds for coaches looking to grow their business in an authentic and impactful way.

“Before ATLAS, it looked to me like the only way to build my online business was with false words that didn’t sound like they were coming out of my mouth, but just looked like every secondhand car sales people stuff. It just didn’t fit with me at all.

What I love now is that I am never in a position where I’m thinking, sell, convert. When I meet people I’m thinking about how I can help them with what I have. And not how to sign them up”

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