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how to sell

How to Sell: The Most Important Thing to Know About Sales

When it comes to marketing and copy – and knowing how to sell… The most important thing you need to know is… Your customers don’t have a clue about what they want. So it’s critically important that YOU know what they really want, so you can explain it BETTER… And they BUY from you. That’s […]

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email marketing strategy

4 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Improving your email marketing strategy is not that difficult if you follow these 4 simple steps. If you’ve taken the time to build an email list, then you already know how critical this asset is to your business. So we want to ensure we are getting our messages through to our audiences, right? Here are […]

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email marketing

Breakthrough Thinking for Your Email Marketing

WARNING: Before you read this post on email marketing, just know there’s heavy language throughout. You’re not liked. Someone out there can’t stand you. How does that feel? Not cool – right? Here’s the deal. If you want to make any sort of impact in this world… If you want to really help other people […]

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business decisions

Are You Making the Right Business Decisions? Find Out Where You Really Stand

When it comes to making the right business decisions, we really have only 3. Here they are. 1. Do nothing 2. Do the same thing 3. Take a leap of faith The first one really won’t apply to most people reading this. Because you’re an entrepreneur – perhaps a business owner, I’m guessing you’re doing […]

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marketing sales funnel

Your Marketing Sales Funnel WILL Suck!

OK let’s get something about your marketing sales funnel out of the way straight off the top. YOU ARE GONNA HAVE A FUNNEL / CAMPAIGN THAT SUCKS. It’s inevitable. So the longer you wait around, trying to perfect things…making sure it’s perfect so you don’t lose money… They LONGER it will take to actually MAKE […]

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