Business Lessons from Wonder Woman

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Business Lessons from Wonder Woman Transcript:

~ begin transcript ~

Yesterday, I saw the Wonder Woman movie.

Powerful…is the best word I can use to describe this movie.

In so many ways.

I gotta admit, I was emotionally moved at points throughout the film. Just because of what Wonder Woman stands for.


What does all this have to do with our business?


Here’s why.

(kinda spoiler alert – so if you haven’t seen it, stop reading)

BELIEVING in your fight.

That’s #1

If you get nothing else from who or what Wonder Woman is all about, I’m sure you’ll agree she BELIEVES in her cause.

She STANDS for justice and peace.

She BELIEVES in her own ability to STOP the bad guys.

She’ll shield and protect the innocent with her own life.

What about you and me?

Aren’t we doing the same thing for our family?

I would imagine that you too, would do ANYTHING to protect your family – am I right?

So the ONLY thing I see holding people back, is their BELIEF in themselves.

Even though they tell themselves how much they will do for their families.

So THAT has to be first. BELIEF. In fact, this one word is the FIRST word in my company’s creed. Because I can ONLY help entrepreneurs who BELIEVE in themselves.

At the beginning of the movie – Diana is scolded by her aunt because she backs off from the fight. She doesn’t BELIEVE in herself enough.

Without stepping into that belief, Diana would never have run into the first battle with machine guns blazing to lead the troops.

Remember that.

Which brings me to point #2

Running head first into battle without a full plan.

The ONE thing that made Diana run into battle was nothing more than her cause. Her fight.

She knew what the END result was for her.

But she didn’t have the entire battle plan of how to get it.

All she knew was where she was now (at the front of enemy lines), and where she wanted to be (KILL the bad dude who was behind enemy lines)

Diana saw the only way to GET to the bad dude (point B) was to RUN THROUGH the front line of fire. She didn’t know if she would survive. (Because at this point, she still didn’t know that she was immortal.)

For you and me, even though we’re not immortal, all the shit the world throws at us is our battlefield.

The hardship, the adversity, the fear, the how-will-I’s and so on.

I have always said…when you are faced with your biggest fears, you ALWAYS have to reach down to your ‘WHY’, your purpose, your cause, your FIGHT!

And THAT leads you through the battles.

Just like Wonder Woman.

Here’s the last lesson I want to point out:

The battles are part of a bigger journey (war) – not a final result.

Diana thought by killing the bad dude, the war would stop – immediately. But it didn’t, did it?

She was faced with the reality that this is only a PIECE of the war. Diana finally understood there is more for her to do.

So again, she digs down into the cause – the purpose – the REASON she was put on this earth.

And goes back into battle. The biggest battle of her life.

Even when she was ready to give up. Even when the first result WASN’T what she expected. She didn’t turn around and go back home.

And THIS is probably the most important lesson of all.

When we’re completely burnt out…we’ve put in everything we’ve got and STILL didn’t get the result we expected…if we reach down just a little more, we can find a bit more gas in the tank to push us forward.

We’ve come THIS far…to turnaround and give in is the WORST “solution” we can muster up.

It's at those moments that the true warrior, like Diana, come to the surface.

In life, movies, books, youtube videos, the lessons are there.

We just have to look for them.

~ end transcript ~

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