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Joey Ragona, the entrepreneur life

At some point, we ALL worry about something going wrong…how do we deal with that constant “what if, and how do we conquer fear of failure?”

In this episode, high performance business breakthrough & lifestyle coach Joey Ragona shares how the highest achievers get past the negativity and keep moving. This is Joey Ragona talking from personal experience and sharing ideas and experiences from working with hundreds of coaching clients.

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Every one of us worries at some point in our business.  What follows is collection of ideas from sources of information relating to how executives deal with it.

Many entrepreneurs are filled with worry and anxiety communicating they can’t focus, or make decisions; they feel their lives are in a standstill.

One of the worst things about worry and fear is that it destroys our ability to concentrate.

The first step is:

Ask in the most honest and fearless way: “what is the worst that could possibly happen as a result of this?”

The second step is:

Conditioning you to accept the worst that can possibly happen if necessary

It sounds like a cliché but so many people avoid ‘dealing’ with their circumstances and wallow in worry day in, day out.  Once you accept the worst that can possibly happen, then you’ll immediately feel a sense of peace because NOTHING is worse than what you’re now willing to accept.

People are caught up in the ‘what if’ avoiding the worst scenario so it makes their lives a living hell.  To me, that’s worse than accepting a possible outcome based on the facts.

I can only begin to tell you how many coaching clients I’ve helped using just THOSE TWO steps.

I ask what do you want?

And then, after listening to what they want, followed by the “what if’s”…

I asked “what’s the WORST that can happen?”

When they identify what that “worst” is…

My next question is “can you handle that?”

Third Step – which is most important

Begin calmly devoting your energy to improving on the worst possible scenario.

When you’ve accepted the worst, there’s nothing more to lose.


Fear and worries are very real and there are 3 basic steps you take in order to solve them:

1.    Get the facts

2.    Analyze the facts

3.    Make a decision – and then act on that decision

It’s very obvious but why is it that so many people go through their lives without solving their problems?

Here’s a few ‘history’ lessons:

Fear is created by negative thoughts, through a sort of ‘hypnotic pattern’ that we’re used to.

Most people are in this ‘default state’ and in order to change this, you must actively and consciously change the pattern.

Yea, it takes work – it takes effort – and that’s why most people don’t do it.

The person that sets their rhythm and thinks in terms of success & power attracts that into their lives.

At the same time, the person who thinks of failure, discouragement, poverty attracts THIS into their lives.

That is why success or failure is a RESULT of your habits.  Habit establishes thought which produces an automatic rhythm to attract what dominates your thoughts.  Think about it.

The more you think about poverty, like a magnet, you attract more of that fear and people that ‘get what you’re saying’ into your life.

Like attracts like.

This is a MAJOR reason I personally started “shutting people out” of my life back in 2007.

I didn’t need people who agreed the world sucked –

I needed people who saw the world differently than I did.

If you know what you want and are willing to pay the price refusing any substitute, the law of attraction takes effect and helps you by natural and logical means.

Again, this is why so many people fail.

It’s because they are unwilling to stick to what they want to belief.

And that’s a very important distinction; want to belief as opposed to simply believing!

~ End transcript ~

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