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One of the best ways to write sales copy is to LEAD with the best.

In other words, don't wait to let people know about your awesome offer.

Let them know what your BEST BENEFIT is.

Too often, we wait until the last part of our sales page, email, whatever, to “reveal” our offer.

Because we're trying to build up the value, anticipation for whatever it is we have to offer in our sales copy.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with building the value. In fact, you MUST build it!!

But if you wait too long in your sales copy to reveal what you have, you could lose the prospect's attention very quickly.

Here's what I mean.

I'll use my business as an example.

Many people offer a “free” gift of some kind. It's to entice the prospect to

It's to entice the prospect to opt-in, call, whatever.

Even though “free” is a very powerful word, without anchoring the value of the gift, you're losing power.

So in my case, I offer a free consultation. Big whoop. Who cares? Everyone offers a free consultation.

So, to “compete” with that, I could say “you get a FREE 30-minute consultation with me, that's worth $650, and when we're done, you'll have a totally implementable blueprint plan to use immediately.

It's not golden globe writing, but who cares? It tells the prospect WHY the free offer is a good value.


Back to my original point.

If my offer was good, then I wouldn't wait until the end of my copy to let you know about my FREE consultation.

I would start off like this…
If you're an online marketer struggling with putting the pieces together to promote your product or service, then I'd like to give you a 30-minute consultation worth $650 for FREE. When we're done, you’ll have a workable blueprint and plan you can implement right away without any hard sales pitch.

Here's what else this consultation will do for you…

Here's why you need to have this conversation now
Can you see how I've highlighted the offer, and IMMEDIATELY went into the benefits of them?

Here's why sales copy like this works.

If the offer I mention right off the top sucks, they won't keep reading.

And that means they won't opt-in for my free consultation.

So, if I'm troubleshooting why I'm not getting any opt-ins, I would START with my offer.

THEN I would look at the benefits I'm promising.

Because those are the first things people would see/read/hear in my sales copy.

Making sense?


If you have comments, questions, whatever, lemme know below 🙂

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