Customer segmentation buckets: what are they and how do I use them?

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customer segmentation buckets

Customer segmentation buckets: are you using them?

From my experience, customer “segments” are highly underused.

Here's why.

When I start working with a client, 9 times out of 10, prospects are grouped under one category.

Categories can be also called “buckets.”

You can also refer categories to “customer avatars.”

So I'll bet you a whole 5 bucks (yes, I've got that kind of money lying around) that YOU have 2-3 different “buckets” of people.

And you MUST be utilizing a customer segmentation strategy to have more impact on your marketing

A strategy like this is called “behaviour” marketing. Or even fancier…dynamic response marketing.

When you put people in the RIGHT bucket and “talk” to them differently, you're exponentially increasing the odds of them buying from you.

Here's an example of how customer segmentation buckets work

I work with many real estate agents – at the beginning, they think EVERYONE is their client.

When I ask them, “OK, WHO is your prospect?”

They'll say “anyone buying or selling”

That's a start. But as you can see, it's SO broad.

However, in the context of this post, that IS separating people into 2 different customer segmentation buckets…right?

But here's the deal.

THOSE REAL ESTATE AGENTS stick the SAME people into ONE “drip” campaign.

And here's how it starts out:

“If you're buying or selling your home, let's set up a time to talk”

Something like that.

The point is this:

Real Estate agents (in this example) are putting the BUYER in the same email sequence as a SELLER.


AT the VERY LEAST, separate those peeps!!

Now, we can go even further and segment the buyers. Let's say…FIRST TIME buyers.

All it takes is a simple checkbox on the opt-in page or in an email that “tags” them “first time home buyer”

Then, you can write a follow-up email that is totally about first-time buying.

Imagine, if you already own a home, and you're looking to buy a second home. Then you start getting the “buyers” emails that INCLUDE stuff you already know – because you've already BOUGHT a home.

Doesn't look good on me as a realtor does it?

So if we follow this example, my “buyers” list is segmented into TWO subcategories already: first-time buyers, and second-time buyers.

If that sounds like a lot of “work” – it is. At first.

Setting up your automation and customer segmentation buckets for follow-up should be A1 priority.

OVER and above marketing and advertising.

Here's why.

Because if you're marketing and advertising IS working, and you get hot prospects into your funnel…if the FUNNEL SUCKS, you've wasted time, energy, money, and reputation because you'll be labeled just like any “other” realtor.

People will disconnect from your message if you're sending a buyer something about “selling.”

Dynamic response marketing is where it's at today – and if you don't have the “time” to figure it out or put it in place, I would question why you're marketing in the first place.

Understanding your audience and then delivering a message that speaks to their specific needs is super important.

If you want to talk more about your specific business and how to implement a dynamic response system, let's set up a free blueprinting session here.

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