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Got this question asked: Which email marketing platform has the best options for tagging and automation?

Here's my answer:

Depending on what you want to accomplish. “tagging” is the beginning of automation.

Because “tagging” means more than just putting people onto a ‘list.’

I work with many clients and have access to almost every email marketing platform out there.

There are pros and cons to every email marketing platform.

Of course, you know that.

So, to begin, I use Infusionsoft.

I know a lot of people will say they are “not ready” for Infusionsoft…but my job as a coach and consultant is to challenge them on where they want to

GO … not where they are now.

disclaimer – I’m NOT trying to sell you on Infusionsoft or any other…I’m just beginning the conversation with why I use it so you can get your mindset around your business needs and not the actual platform.


Back to my clients – MOST of them want their email marketing platform to handle automation based on specific behaviour. In other words, behaviour that goes well beyond “if-then’that” automation.

That’s why Infusionsoft is a huge leader here.

Whenever you think you are not ‘ready’ for the bigger investment…ask yourself why not?

From my experience, we are building a business to get more FREEDOM – and automation does that.

So if you choose the cheaper route today, it will cost you more freedom and money in the future. it will CERTAINLY cost you more money (because you might be a bagillionaire to hire someone to move your list to another platform )

But “moving” the list and paying someone is NOT the issue.It’s that you’ll lose people in the transition.

So, let’s go back to what you want to do with tagging and automation when it comes to your email marketing platform.

Here’s an example:

email marketing platform

As you can see from the pic above, I have a simple ‘opt-in’ ‘campaign/automation’ for each lead magnet.

Here's what happens.

1. They opt in (using specific forms from specific traffic)

2. They are added to Facebook custom audience (so I can retarget, or eliminate from ads for this lead magnet, etc)

3. They are sent the lead magnet – (this process is to get a confirmed email – you will notice there are two tags – confirmed / didn’t confirm)

4. The automation looks to see whether they confirmed or didn’t. THEN it does one of two things. It allows them to pass through, because they’ve already confirmed before/somewhere else…or, they are purged from the list.

This purge is MY personal choice. It’s what keeps my list highly engaged, and I have an 100% confirmed list – which makes deliverability and all that 10x better. But that’s for another discussion.

5. Last step is they are advanced to my main welcome campaign. EVERYONE goes into that welcome campaign – regardless of how many times they opt-in, if they’re confirmed, whatever…

And THIS is where the automation goes even further…it’s also the reason Infusionsoft for me is one of the best when deciding on an email marketing platform.

It's highly effective when it comes to nailing behavioural marketing…which all comes back to tags 🙂



The Quickest and Easiest Way to Build Marketing Automation

Anyhoo, everyone will have their reasons for what they use.

I’m partial to Infusion because it’s what I use.But I have many clients who don’t.

They use Kajabi – which is a GREAT email marketing platform! And, it happens to have a product and membership platform as well :-). It's what I use for my membership and products.

The advice I would give you, is to analyse first what you need the automation and tagging to do.

If you don’t really know, then set up a call with me so we flush out the proper blueprint so you can decide fairly and avoid any problems in the future having to move stuff around and rebuild:

Blueprint Session Invite

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