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test marketing

One of the questions about test marketing I see come up ALL the time… like EVERY day is something along the lines of;

should I do this or that? what do you guys think about this or that? has anyone done this or that? what was your result from doing this or that? what did you think about this or that? I’m trying to decide if this or that is better”


Before we move on…let me be clear.

I’m not saying STOP asking for help/advice about test marketing.

It’s IMPORTANT to brainstorm and talk with others about your business ideas.

Heck, if it wasn’t I’d be out of a job. 🙂

But that brings me to my point.

Any and EVERY time someone asks my advice on test marketing I tell ‘em what I think is best for them. And, I give them data that backs up what I’m saying.

BUT…I ALSO tell them “don’t just do what I say. TEST what I say.”

Because I’m giving my knowledgeable opinion.

Nothing anyone tells you is “right” until YOUR market “proves” it’s right by taking the action you want them to take.

That could mean an opt-in, a purchase or whatever it is.

To make my point…

…if you have one thing that’s not working or if you ‘heard’ from someone you should do something another way…SAVE yourself the TIME, headache, conflicting opinions, and stress that leads to more indecision and TEST IT.  

That's what test marketing is for.

Here’s why.

EVERYONE has an opinion.

If you ask me which email service provider is best for example, that delivers to the inbox, has the best automation etc…I’ll tell you Infusionsoft.

Joey #2 will tell you Active Campaign. And it goes on and on and on.

Who’s right?

Again, opinions, help, suggestions about test marketing…ALL good – but not if they control your life/business.

Far too many times I see threads in discussion groups that have a bazillion “this is best” answers to one question. And all it leads to in most cases…is more confusion for the original person asking the question.

How do I know?

‘cos the ‘avatar’ for my coaching are people who are totally overwhelmed, feel like a rag doll pulled in multiple directions at once, and just want to feel confident, capable and relaxed with solid support and understanding.

And I tell ‘em the same thing I just mentioned here.


Then you’ll know 🙂

About the author 

Joey Ragona

Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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