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marketing mix

Your marketing mix might be standing out.

and not in a good way…

your marketing mix stands out like a sore thumb (and is something people avoid) when you ‘professionalize’ everything.

Here's why:

People no longer trust ‘smooth’ ‘professional’ advertising / marketing.

in fact, you're doing more harm than good when you try to make your stuff smooth and professional.


because of one word:


and you know what I'm talking about…

how many times have you read / heard the same promise or claim?

do you still believe it?

Which one of these headlines would pique your interest further:

3 power foods that help you lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks.

3 power foods that keep you off the operating table while you lose weight naturally & safely

I just made these up quickly , I'm sure you can come up with something better…

…but you get my point right?

the SECOND headline totally interrupts the pattern of ‘losing weight easily’, doesn’t it?

it uses fear as the motivator – not the pleasure of losing weight.

PLUS, it adds an element that is rarely talked about (if ever) in a weight loss ad “the operating table.”

If I were scanning through a magazine, that would totally catch my eye…

the first one is predictable and it's got cliche promise written all over it.

I'm sure it will still ‘do ok’ as an ad…

but you and I want better than ‘ok’ , am I right?

we want outstanding !

Here's Another Area to Remove “Professionalism” From your Marketing Mix

in your emails.

this is a BIG one.

because I coach a lot of professionals in their respective fields, the first thing I advise them to do is personalize … not professionalize their email.

when was the last time you had a conversation with ANYONE, and when you were leaving, you said “best regards”?

or when you greeted a friend you said “dear…”

not very likely right?

so why would you do it in your email correspondence?

if you want to be friendly in your emails, and get people to trust you like they would trust their best friend…

TALK to them like they're your best friend.

When my friends send me an email, it doesn't start out with “dear”

in fact, it rarely has a salutation at all..

‘check out this video I found on YouTube'

That's it.

now I'm not saying strip away everything in your emails…

but you can do away with the corporate speak right now.

do yourself a favor; edit your templates emails and remove anything like ‘best regards’, ‘warm regards’, ‘dear’, ‘I hope this email finds you’…

and replace it with:


‘hope you're doing well these days’

‘talk later’

‘talk to you soon’

that sort of thing.

in other words…WRITE like you would talk to someone…

and that keep congruency, PLUS it sets you apart from all the others out there!

bottom line: remove the predictability and ‘smooth’, ‘professional’ sound in your marketing, and watch how your customers and prospects begin to trust you more.

what do YOU think? let's get a conversation going below…

About the author 

Joey Ragona

Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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