How split testing your landing pages can make you more money

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Split testing your landing pages is absolutely critical.

It’s always been the easiest way to determine how strong your first promise is.

With a simple headline tweak on a landing page split test, you can get thousands more to opt-in…

…and potentially make more money.

Even National Newspapers split test headlines to see what draws more sales, so they understand the mentality of their audience better.

But split testing landing pages doesn’t just mean changing the headline.

I did a simple split test on a lead capture form and the results (so far) are incredibly insightful.

Here’s my original capture page: (it doesn't work here BTW – it's from my other website)

split testing landing pages

For the longest time, this lead capture got me a whopping ZERO conversion rate.

Following my own split testing landing pages advice, I decided to change ONE SIMPLE THING.

Here it is:

split testing landing pages

Yea, I changed the background colour.

Here’s what happened:

split testing landing pages

Can you believe it?

Even though I’ve only got a small number of impressions, I think the data speaks for itself.

With a 96.22% chance to beat the control (the blue form), I can declare a winner for if I wanted.

But I’m gonna let this go for a bit just to see how it plays out.

This simple a/b test hopefully proves why YOU need to be split testing landing pages and everything in-between.


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In other words, we need to CONSTANTLY split test landing pages!

For example, even if I stopped this particular landing page split test – it would be wise to test AGAINST the green “winner”.

It doesn’t necessarily mean I need to try another background colour (although it could), I could test a different headline perhaps.

Make split testing landing pages a part of your online marketing, and I believe you’ll not only see an increase in opt-ins, but more sales as a result.

As online marketers, we leave so much money on the table as online marketers thinking we “know” what people will respond to.

I’ve learned to let the audience TELL me by split testing landing pages and more!

What about you?

What are some of your best landing page split testing ideas?

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Joey Ragona

Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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