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Joey Ragona, the entrepreneur life

Do You Want A Better Life?

~ begin transcript~

Everyone “wants” something…right?

I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t “want” a better life, or a new toy or more time and money, or whatever it is…

Here’s the thing – wanting is NOT enough.

Sure, you may have heard it before but I want to share three levels of “want” with you so you can start “getting” what you want.

The first level is just the idea…it’s where you are basically saying “yea, IF that [thing] fell into my lap, I’d take it.”

It means we’re doing nothing about it.

And THIS level is where most of the world lives.

Which brings us to…

…The Second Level

Where we actually CHOOSE to do something…

This is where a lot of us choose to sit in seminar rooms…

And when we leave, never take a second look at all the notes and promises we’ve made to ourselves and others again.

It’s where we buy a business or self improvement program…

Read the first chapter or watch the first video…

And fall back into our routine…

With the excuse there’s “no time for this right now.”

Come on, we’ve all done it –

I can turn around right now and easily pick out 25 books I’ve never read.

I look at the business improvement programs on my hard drive I’ve never completed…

Because I need to…


Which is the BEST level.

When we decide to commit to what we want, it means we’ll do anything to get it.

We don’t hold back on anything.

We step into the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown and the excitement of success.

The reason we are unsuccessful is the result of what is happening INSIDE, not outside.

And that means we have to change our internal programming…

How we think, feel and act.

And THAT simply means tuning into what we REALLY want and how we FEEL about NOT having it.

Now here’s a small side note:

I would advise you NOT to focus on what it is you DON’T want…

Whether you believe in the power of thought and how the universe reacts or not…

What have you got to lose by following the advice of so many successful people who choose and commit to ONLY focusing on what they WANT?

I think it was T. Harv Ecker who said “your way has gotten you where you are today”

These are the type of simple quotes I never forget and have allowed me to change my life as well as my business.

So which level are you at right now?

The want, choose or commit level?

You’ll know by looking at the world around you…

Because if it’s not what you want, I would suggest your mind is in the way right now…

~ end transcript ~

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Joey Ragona

Giving heart-centered entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches clear direction & simple next steps to market and grow your business and advance your mission.

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