How lucky are you?

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Why are some people luckier than others?

Why does success follow the same people all the time?

Why is most of the world struggling with success, confidence, happiness and freedom?

Well, there's a trend among the people who are truly successful…and you probably know what it is already: it's that they live and think differently.

And that's probably not a surprise to you…but what is incredibly interesting is how the two relate.

For years I've modeled successful people. Their habits, their strategies and more recently, their mindset and attitude.

It's always been right there, but I was too caught up in the surface stuff of “how this” and “how that” to fully appreciate there was an underlying trait highly successful people had.

Before I tell you what it is, we need to look at the less successful first.

People struggling with success have a “blame the world” mindset. When they see other people who ARE successful, one of the first things that comes out of their mouths is “they are lucky”, or maybe it's something like “they got a lucky break”, “they were in the right place at the right time”.

Whatever it is, it's always about how lucky other people are.

“That NEVER happens to me, luck is not on my side” they'll say, they stop believing in their dream and eventually quit before they really begin.

It's a common thing…we both know that. And we both know people in our lives this.

But what I never really put together before was this: successful people AGREE they are lucky.

And that's a trait. It's a mindset.

The ones who constantly “have things going for them” (like a Richard Branson, or the late great Steve Jobs) KNEW how lucky they were with every venture.

If we even go back as far as Thomas Edison when he invented the light bulb; I'm sure he said something like “hey it worked!!! How lucky is THAT?”

They never sit around and boast about how smart they were to “create, invent or discover”. It WAS luck.

But here's what I want to point out to you:

The REASON they had the luck in the first place was because they didn't give up.

They didn't look at the world and blame it for a failure. They continued. They pursued. They believed. Nothing would stop them.

It was the constant perseverance driven by their belief in something that would change and benefit the world.

Guess what. Eventually the “luck”, the stuff unsuccessful people seem to never get, shows up.

Look at Edison…every “failure” was a new note in his research that DIDN'T work. That my friend is progress.

Because when you know what DOESN'T work, you're closer to finding what does.

Can you see my point? Can you think about anyone you know who constantly complains or compares themselves to others who are “just lucky?”

Are they really pursuing their dream or are they giving up too easily?

You know the answer.

So the next time someone tells YOU that you're lucky for the success you have … For the freedom you've been blessed with, for the lifestyle that was handed to you…

You can proudly agree with them because your belief, hard work and persistence brought Lady Luck into your life in the first place!!


– Joey

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