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finding new customers

When it comes to finding new customers, I can summarize the strategy into one sentence for you:

“Chasing too many customers can escalate marketing and selling costs”

It never fails.

Clients are always trying to rationalize why they need to serve MORE customer channels when they're out finding new customers.

In other words, they're being everything to everyone.

The best example is from a realtor who says “anyone buying or selling” when asked the question “who's your customer?”

If you think that's a great strategy for finding new customers, loop back to the top quote 🙂

If you're marketing and selling to EVERYONE, HOW do you get your message through?

Let's use that realtor example again.

If you're marketing to “sellers”, WHO are those sellers?



So if you're marketing message says “I'll sell your home for more, in less time, for top dollar” (a classic cliched real estate marketing message) do you think THAT cuts through the 1000 other ads (and realtor dudes) that promise the same dang thing?

Good luck finding new customers.

So the “way” to improve that marketing is – >> see the first quote of this article.

Are you getting this?

The point I'm making is not to say you WON'T make money if you advertise to everyone and try to capitalize on all these moving pieces.

Perhaps you will.

But gawd is that ever a lot of work.

Simplicity trumps everything when you're finding new customers.

In this case of the realtor example, positioning as an expert, (and I'm not saying use the cheesy “hey, I'm an expert and can sell your house” thingy…)

But a REAL marketing position as an expert in ONE thing…

…selling homes to first-time home buyers who are having trouble financing as an example… (and yes, that's a niche. “first-time buyers” is NOT a niche.)

If you don't why hit me up for a pow-wow so you get this stuff.

You'll make tons more money spending LESS on marketing and promotion WHILE you work LESS !


This post about creating your marketing message effectively is pretty cool too…check it out.

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