A Failed Email Marketing Plan You Want To Avoid

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email marketing plan

If you're email marketing plan is about SCRAPING EMAILS…

If you're “hacking” and “chopping” your way into people’s inboxes…

STOP right now!

Here’s what I’m talking about.

There are some “genius” email marketing dudes out there (you know I’m being sarcastic, right) who will sell you an email marketing plan like grabbing people’s email addresses and put them on your own list so you can offer them shit.

But it gets’ better.

These geniuses are saying “in today’s world, you have to target the right people. So don’t send stuff to people who are not interested in your stuff.”

That almost sounds professional.

And it kinda sounds right for email marketing plan .

But here’s where everything takes a turn for the worse.

Failed Email Marketing Plan

The way they “teach” this targeting is for example, you go to LinkedIN (or whatever else) and search for people who are in “groups” or have interests related to your shit.

Then you market to THOSE dudes.

Because they are “obviously” interested in the same stuff you’re selling.

AND, these genius gurus tell you it’s OK to “steal” these emails because people have generously put their email out there publicly, so you can use them in your new email marketing plan

I mean, if they didn’t WANT us to email them, they would keep those email addresses private, right?


If this is your email marketing plan, to PUSH your way into people’s inboxes and lives without being invited, you’re doing it all wrong.

Plain and simple.

How this email marketing plan pissed me off

And as I write this, I’m coming off another “email invite” from someone who clearly is using this very email marketing plan.

She sent me an email last week.

I didn’t know who she was.

Noticed she checked me out on LinkedIn and connected the dots.

I let it go.

Marked her email as SPAM because it was very convenient that there was NO WAY to unsubscribe the “official” way from her email.

Today, I got another one.

Again, CLEARLY sent from an auto-blast, auto-drip, hoping for the best email campaign thing.

I don’t KNOW this person.

I didn’t SIGN UP for her shit.

I WANTED to unsubscribe politely, but couldn’t…

So she received a VERY nasty reply…

I hope she responds because I’ll let you know how it goes.

Point is…

LinkedIn, Facebook or whatever it is you use is NOT there to INVADE people’s lives with your shit.

You ADD to their lives.

You educate them.

Sure, every once in a while you’ll post an offer or something like that…

But it’s an INVITE for them to learn more and ADD THEMSELVES to your email marketing.

I can’t tell you how WRONG it is to just push your shit in front of people who didn’t ASK for it.

How'd this sit with ya?  Lemme know below and let's start a conversation!~

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