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This is a repost of my response in a Facebook group to someone who wants to sell online, but having challenges.

It really doesn’t matter what the product or service is…

…if you’re having trouble selling it – HERE’S the question to ask yourself:

Are people LOOKING for your product or service?

You know me – I’m very blunt and to the point.

Because I don’t think we have the luxury of wasting time if we want to sell online.

The online world just moves too quickly.

So my job is to help you get really clear so you can sell online.

Here we go:

There are TWO ways of marketing our products and services to sell online.

1. FIND a hungry market looking to fix or prevent something and create the solution – this is the easy way.

2. CREATE a product or service and then try to FIND the market to sell to – the harder way.

In this particular instance, she was in situation #2.

I'm not saying you CAN'T sell your product if you’ve created it first, and trying to FIND the market.

Nor am I suggesting you scrap the entire idea and throw in the towel.

I AM, however, saying it’s HARDER to sell online if you create a product first, and then going out to FIND the market to sell to.

Again, my job is to call out the elephant in the room, put my “client” into reality and we work from there to make things work.

So, if you’re asking questions like:

“what do I need to do to make people see they need my training”

“how do I make people understand they need this?”

“where do I find people who would want my product?”

I'm sorry to say, this is a CHALLENGING position. (I say that with the most love)

So I want to help you sell online.


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If you need to convince or show people they need something…

and it’s not working…

Your marketing needs a different ANGLE.

I'm thinking about the Heimlich as an example.

Most people don't think about it – or even WANT it (until they really need it)

But it can be a lucrative business if the MESSAGE is positioned in front of the RIGHT market in the RIGHT way.

For example, if the Heimlich message said:

“How many seconds does your child have to live after swallowing something that blocks her airway?

In the few seconds it takes you to learn the Heimlich, you could save your child's life – or anyone else around you“

It's not the best copy or example…but I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.

Even writing this example, it pulled on my OWN heartstrings because I have children.

And THAT'S my point about how to sell online

Now, I would imagine YOUR product doesn't take ‘seconds' to learn.

However, if it’s not selling, you need to find another angle to position it EMOTIONALLY.

Here’s another example.

Let’s take a look at selling insurance.

Most people don't buy protection for themselves.

They buy insurance because of the people AROUND them.


If I wanted to sell a dude some insurance, I might say:

“Let's say for a moment, you close the door behind you today and go to work as usual. But you don't come home. Something happens and you die suddenly. Now, you've left your wife and kids alone. Does she know how to carry on? Does she know where you left the deed to the house? Does she know your passwords for the files, bank accounts?”

As you can see, if I'm selling insurance or some sort of protection – I'm not talking about the preventing the person from dying;

I'm talking about the dude's wife and family and what could happen AFTER he dies.

So these examples are not “copy” templates or anything like that.

I’m just spit-ballin’ off the top of my head just to give you an idea of how to approach the market from different angles to sell your products and services.


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Hope it helps

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