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Joey Ragona, the entrepreneur life

~ begin transcript ~

Every single day someone is telling me how they are overwhelmed with stuff to do.. so many things coming at them.. right life gets in the way and you know what were all like that there's so much going on in our lives, there’s so many distractions in our lives that we really can’t get things done we really want to.

And you know I'm a lot like you cannot bet that I'm probably even worse than you are because there's so many things that I want to get done.

I'm a natural entrepreneur… my mind is everywhere

there’s so many big things that I want to do an I’ll tell you something; the secret is that the way I get things done is by focusing.

Now you probably heard that before and this is not a rah-rah pat me on the back that I'm better than you are type a podcast this is admitting that you know what sometimes I sit here all day long clicking Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus and LinkedIn and just looking around for other things to distract me so I don't have to get to whatever it is.

Or, maybe subconsciously I'm doing that but not consciously that I'm looking for distractions right?

There’s so many things I want to get done.

The secret is that you have to get done what is the most important thing.

Yea, it's common sense “I know that Joey, I’ve heard it before so many things… so many people told me this before”

I’ve listened to the gurus I've read the books I know!!! Prioritize! What’s the most important thing?

Well hey, are you doing that?

I know that I don’t! And I’m the one who’s teaching it to all my clients too and I sit here and I still procrastinate; and it’s because I haven't really connected with what is the most important thing and when I do then that's when things get done!

And you know with the most important thing is… don't you?

If you have your list right now if I asked you write down the top 10 things that you have to do today or this week or this month or this year… you know what the most important thing is!

For me…last year only there was five years worth of taxes that I had to get done and that was from 2008 so every single year out of five years with the tax to get done it was always compounding on top of each other I always had the taxes to get done.

Well last year I just had to sit down and focus and doing it.

It was the most important thing.

You know the thing is…when we have so many things on her mind and we try to sit down and focus we give ourselves the excuse of well there’s so many of the things I want to do; this got in the way; that got in the way…

It's because the one thing the biggest thing that you have to do is sitting in the back of your mind and you’re just pushing it back.

Look at me, for five years it was always about the taxes and I go into it and do a little bit of it, do a little bit more the bookkeeping and something would always come back to the old “I don't want to do this…there’s something else that I need to get done.”

Or I'd update my Facebook status or something silly like that.

There's always something better that I could be doing but in the back of my mind I knew what was most important which was doing the taxes.

Whatever it is for you you know every single day every single week there's something that is the most important thing and that's what you need to get done you know it's there!

For me in the last couple weeks it's been the same thing you know…I still go through these peaks and valleys of being the most focus person to the most unfocused person and not getting stuff done now it's not as critical as my taxes were but still there's things that I still need to get done and I’m still pushing them back.

Why is that?

Because I have not actually sat down and focused only on the one thing and believe me that one thing that I need to get done is really only going to take me half a day and it’s done – it's out of my head and I can do all these other things that I'm doing half-assed right?

I'm not doing them to the full capacity that I should be doing them because I'm just trying to fit everything on my calendar; everything that I want to do and doing things just to get it done really quickly and get it out so I could be proud of myself that I've done everything that I wanted to do.

Well it's not to the best of my ability.

Now again I don't want to say that you should be a perfectionist all the time because then you'll never get things done.

But there is a level of perfectionism that you have. There's a level of standard that you want to put out isn’t there?

So why don’t we look back and see exactly what it is that you have to get done and do that one thing get it out of your head.

You know it's there.

It's always nagging on you.

You’d be really surprised at how long it actually takes you because I think that we overestimate how long it's going to take.

Get rid of the distractions.

Shut off Facebook. Shut off our iPhones and do everything get rid of everything in our visions put on the blinders.

Turn off the Internet. Put on the headphones, listen to some music whatever it is that makes you focus and just get it done

~ end transcript ~

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