Split Testing Landing Pages: How a/b testing can make you more money

Split testing landing pages is absolutely critical. It’s always been the easiest way to determine how strong your offer is. With a simple headline tweak, you can get thousands more to opt-in… …and potentially make more money. Even National Newspapers split test headlines to see what draws more sales, so they understand the mentality of […]

How to Improve Sales Effectiveness

how to improve sales

We all want to know how to improve sales. And as a marketer, I’m sure you understand the importance of “knowing who your customer is.” You know that by understanding your customer’s wants, needs, fears and frustrations, you have the foundation for for delivering great products and services they will actually want to buy. Therefore, […]

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Build Marketing Automation

marketing automation

Marketing automation doesn’t sleep or take holidays 🙂 if you have systems in place that do most of the work for you. I recommend to make it one of your goals to put those marketing automation systems in place. Because I’ve found working with so many people since 2011, they don’t want to build their […]

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