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 What Makes A Good Digital Product?


This digital product idea brainstorm is to help you flush out everything going on in your head so you can figure out if you’ve got a great idea for a product or not.

For this session, all you need to do is throw down the ideas you have in your head onto paper.

To help you do that, we’ll go through a couple of questions.  

This is high level thinking right now. So you don’t have to get granular about the product modules or specifics.  We’re just going to map out your ideas.

Remember when you doing this, there are no right or wrong answers.


What’s the Purpose of the Product?

The first thing you want to know is what is the purpose of your product?

Now I know that most people looking at that question is thinking “to make money”.  And that’s true.   Most of the stuff we’re building is to make money.

However, one of the things you might want to consider is; maybe you just want to build a list right now.

Maybe you want to build a lead generating type of product. That product could be a video or two.  It’s a shorter training to help you build the list.

The next one is of course to make money. That’s typically where everybody is leaning toward.

But there are a couple of other ones you may not have thought about and you might want to look at.

Perhaps you want to create an authority position, which is kinda cool because this goes along with the first reason of just building list. 

If you want to create an authority position to show what you are an expert in, and what you know, you could also create videos, PDFs or a report of some kind.  A “product” that allows you to position yourself as the authority is a great idea.

Even if you’re not asking for an opt-in with these authority videos.

On the other hand, you could combine the two.   Use the authority position and building a list at the same time.

The last one would be to drive traffic.

So, let’s say again, you create a video of some kind where you are explaining some really cool stuff. And all you want to do is is engage people to so you can create an engagement audience on Facebook for example.

Maybe you want to drive traffic from Facebook to your website so people can see the website and poke around there to see what you have.

These are the other avenues you could go when you are creating a product. And when I’m talking about a product, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a 6, 7 or 12 module thing.

Your digital product could very well just be one or two of videos.

What Are You Passionate About?

The next thing to consider is what are you passionate about?

I know that this is a cliché.  Everybody talks about “hey I want to get paid for doing something that I love”. That’s fantastic and it’s really where we should be –  creating a product or your service that we just love to do.

So just write down ALL the stuff you’re passionate about. Then the next question will make a whole lot of sense to you.

What Do People Always Ask You?

What do people always ask you about?

Out of all these questions, I would say this is the main one that opened my eyes. Because it has a lot to do with your superpower –  what you are great at!

A friend of mine always says that our superpowers, the stuff that we are so good at doing, are usually invisible to us.  A lot of times we just don’t see it. We think that everybody is like us.  We think  “well I’m good at that so it’s it’s crazy that people would pay me for it.”

Just to give you an example;  I never realized that I was kind of an okay copywriter.

I write emails,  sales letters and stuff like that easily. I just love writing. I’ve always loved writing, ever since I was in school.

So folks would always ask me about how I get people to open emails, or how I write stuff with such an emotional pull and sometimes get inside their heads with my copy.

And I just think that everybody can do it.  But apparently not.

So just look at what it is, that when you are in conversations, people are always asking your advice.  That’s a really really good indicator of the kind of a product you want to create!

What’s Something Easy For You To Do?

Next, look for something that is easy for you to do, talk about.

Because you could be passionate about something which not good at it, right? So you might want to steer away from that unless you want to learn it. After that, you can maybe teach it.

But it’s much easier to find something that comes easy for you right now.

This is another one of those things where we look at it and say “well, why would somebody pay me to do that because it’s so easy for me?”

For example, I’m really good at coaching people.  I’m can look at someone’s problem and within a few minutes, I can diagnose where their challenges are and how to help them push through.

In other words, one of my super powers is looking at someone’s problems and fixing them on the spot.

But I just figured everyone has this “power” right? But apparently not.  Because people just have their own advice or something like that, but they don’t know how to give people solid solutions to those problems.


So what is your superpower that you are really good at and it comes easy for you?

What do you love talking about? Write that stuff down


What Experience Do You Have?

From the previous question, it relates to the experience you have. Do you have any experience doing what it is you love doing?

I’ll give you an example from my own brainstorm to help.

Let’s take copywriting. 

My first business was started ONLY with a newsletter. So I think I have a lot of experience because it’s been over 35 years now since my first company.  I’ve been writing constantly since starting that at 18 years old.

Who Will You Sell To?

This is a big one. Who would you sell this product to?

You have to get this one nailed down right now.

In this particular post, I don’t have the time to go through how to get your market analysis really dialled in, but you can still brainstorm on the right niche for your product right now.

This really is forcing you to segment the audience.

Who would you sell this thing to? Because if you are passionate about painting pictures on little buttons, and there’s nobody who will really buy that except for a couple of your close friends and maybe some family members, then it’s not really a “market.”

So even though we want to do stuff that we love, if there’s only a small little market, we need to move on to something else.  We need to fill a market gap.

What Market Gap Are You Filling?

A lot of us model other people.  We follow and compete with them.  Even if we are doing  the same thing they are with a small tweak,  it’s not really filling a gap in the market.

I’m sure you could look at the market, whatever it is, and find a gap that is not being filled. Or, find a market that has a very small competitor pool that you could actually fill with your product.

Who Are The Competitors?

And that brings us to our last question. Who are the competitors doing the same thing you’re doing?

Let me speak to this for one second here because it’s important there are competitors.

If you were the first one doing this thing, that’s an indicator that it’s probably not a great idea. Because it’s very rare that in this day and age, we are going to come up with an awesome idea that nobody else has done.

I’m not saying it never happens. I’m saying it’s very rare.

So, what you want to do, is look at your passion ideas and ask “where is the smallest amount of competitors?”

Focus on really taking over and filling that market gap.

So there you go.

Those are the questions to help you dial in a great digital product idea.

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