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The Inspired entrepreneur is just starting in business.  Which means zero revenue at the moment. Some are doing this part-time as a side hustle until they can turn a profit and quit their day job.  They are inspired to do this because they see others are successful.  Even though they have high expectations at this stage, they also have a lot of fear. They question everything. They are often stuck in the “what if” loop. Which means they usually want proof, and a guarantee for success.  They look for

quick systems and search for exact steps to get started. This is what typically holds them back. The biggest challenge is they are in a fog about what to create and how to deliver it. Simply because they are pulled in many directions. From experts and other people.  They don’t know who their ideal client is…or if they do, they don’t know how to reach them, and what to reach them with. 


  • just beginning - no income yet
  • overwhelmed
  • pulled in many directions
  • fear of failure
  • wants the proof, system in place, step-by-step
  • don't really know what to create or deliver
  • trouble identifying ideal dream clients/customers and/or trying to reach them
  • DESIRE = finally getting started and making money

The Believer is resilient.  They’ve fought many battles and won.  Their mindset is strong. They accept that obstacles are part of the journey and instead of reacting and giving in, they reframe how they see them.  But they are struggling financially to get the business stable - most have not yet crossed the 100k in revenue. They are connected to their ‘why’. Which is usually much more than just making money.  However, because they are struggling with growing the business, they take on any opportunity. They end up servicing many clients and niches. For most of the day. They are reacting and putting out fires.  There is little to no focus or strategic planning in place to help them off the hamster wheel.


  • business is up and running
  • under 100k in revenue
  • feels trapped - wearing too many hats
  • services too many clients (unclear who their ideal dream client/customer is)
  • operating in reactionary cycles
  • in survival trap - struggling to make it to the next day/week/month
  • lost many battles, but resilient, unwilling to accept defeat
  • DESIRE = break the 100k barrier

When the Believer crosses through the first 100k milestone, they graduate into an Achiever. They are making money - but they lack proper systems.  They are still servicing too many different customers. But that is usually the reason they pushed through the 100k barrier. They are still working IN the business.  Doing a lot themselves. They know they need to outsource to grow and get more freedom. They are more willing at this point to let things go and have other people do it.  They value outside resources like coaching because they realize they’ve struggled to long and hard. They want to reduce the hours they are putting in and feel they are just “one client or project away” from breaking through to 500k and more.


  • crossed the first 100k milestone and looking toward 500k
  • making money, but undercharging to satisfy too many different customers
  • lack proper systems
  • still doing a lot of the work themselves - need to outsource so they can grow
  • always feel they are "one client/project away" from breaking through and having more freedom
  • DESIRE = focus, reduce hours, increase profits, put systems in place that allow them to have more freedom

The Leader stage is tricky.  Even though the leader has cracked the code to getting customers, and they are making sales, they still can’t step out of the business.  Without them, the business stops. They are looking for more freedom and need to build automation and teams to handle decisions without them involved.


  • cracked the sales code and are on the way to their first $1 million in revenue
  • clear on their ideal dream clients and have sharp focus
  • have some people doing work, but not enough for them to step out of the daily operations
  • still required to make team decisions which means they are not truly free from those operational pieces
  • always feel they are "one client/project away" from breaking through and having more freedom
  • DESIRE = reduce working hours and have more freedom

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