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Copywriting Tips

Use These Proven Frameworks and Formulas to Write Compelling Copy In Your Emails, Ads and Even Sales Pages...

What's Inside:

  • 44 Tested Copy Words to use in your headlines, email subject lines that will grab immediate attention and get people to open and read.
  • 37 Copywriting Emotions to focus on in your writing besides the typical 'fear' and 'gain' so you move people to action.
  • 6 Full Lists of Power Words; in the categories of fear, energy, greed, anger, trust and mystery
  • 35 of the Most Persuasive words proven to work when you use them in your copy.
  • 21 Bullet Formulas that will help you list your product and service features easier

 Certified Direct-Response Copywriting
and Email Marketing Specialist 


 Joey Ragona - CEO, Strategic Business Academy 

Whenever I start writing an email, a sales page or even a Facebook ad, this is the first place I go to get started without having that blank page syndrome.

Download these copywriting tips...they work!

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