How to Complete the Wheel of Life Coaching Exercise So You Know What To Focus On


Let's look at how the wheel of life works in helping you improve your life and business.

In any coaching, program or anything that is going to improve your business and your life…

We have to begin at ground zero.

That is – where you are.

Because in order to get where you want to go, you MUST understand where you are & what your current circumstances are.

In other words, we have to be real with ourselves.

The biggest mistake I’ve found with entrepreneurs is they dream about big things without coming back down to earth.

There’s nothing wrong with big dreams – but I’m saying we have to get real in order to realize them.

So let’s start with a simple self-diagnosis of where are.

The Wheel of Life is a tool used in all types of coaching, and it’s something you may want to implement into your monthly plans.

A simple, five minute regrouping of how you feel and where you’re focus is, will really help you center around what you need to work on – that is, IF you’re honest with yourself.

The Wheel of Life is about asking yourself where you want to make differences in your life.

You will indicate what you value most AT THIS TIME.

It’s important to score yourself truthfully.

No-one is going to see this but you.

So trying to fool yourself with a score that is not truly how you feel doesn’t do you any good.

Before we move on, I want you to realize the Wheel of Life is a living, breathing exercise.

IT WILL CHANGE month to month.

And that’s the point.

It’s almost impossible to focus on one area for improvement without throwing the others out of balance.

That’s life.

And although the goal is to get everything in proper balance, don’t beat yourself up when things are NOT in balance.

Life balance is a myth.

You can’t balance life.

You can only make sure you are present at the right moments at the right times.

That means when you’re at your kids soccer game, you don’t have your phone out catching up on email and thinking about tomorrow’s presentation to the board.

It means when you’re at work, you’re not worrying or feeling guilty about working because you KNOW you’re going to be productive and not just piss away the hours bouncing around from one thing to another getting absolutely nothing accomplished…

Which will make you feel guilty when you’re sitting at the dinner table “trying” to engage with your family when you’re minds really at work.

Are you getting this?

So let’s get to the wheel of life and score where you think you are today:

The Wheel of Life Coaching Sections

I’ve included a sample wheel of life for you here:

These are the standard sections that together, represent one way of looking at your whole life.

The idea is to measure your satisfaction in each of these areas as you feel TODAY.  And on each day you do this exercise.

Like I said, it would be advantageous to do this as a regular routine monthly.  Maybe on the first of the month.  And when you do it, just honestly score yourself about how you feel.

When you score yourself, the center of the wheel represents 0 and the outer ring represents an ideal 10.

Just put a dot in each area for now.

Then when you’re finished, you draw a curved line to connect the dots – and this will give you a visual representation of how you feel about your life at the moment.

Again, there’s no right or wrong answers here.

And if you’re honest, you can now SEE what areas you need to work on.

As a coach, I would be asking you what areas you feel you need to work on after doing this exercise.

Because when you are honest, and you’re out looking to improve parts of your life, if you ignore the low scores because you’re afraid to do something about it, or you don’t want to confront someone or something, or maybe it’s HARD work…whatever, you’re fooling and lying to yourself about real self-improvement.

For example, I’ve had many coaching clients who have shown me their wheel of life exercises, and their scores in career and money were quite high – like a seven or something like that…

Yet their fun and recreation was at 2.

When I asked them what they want to work on, they would tell me “how to get more customers so I can make more money”

Can you see the problem there?

Their focus is ALL on business and money.

That’s NOT good.

And I’m not saying that we should STOP making money or building our businesses.

What I AM saying is, in this example, with a low score of 2 in the fun and recreation, and a high score of 7 in the money and career sections, maybe we need to focus on having a bit more fun right now…

Maybe all it is just inserting a day of golf, or a spa or whatever you love to do so you can unwind a bit.

Get me?

THAT’S the reason this Wheel of Life is so important to you.

So get to it.

Print off your blank wheel of life – take 5 minutes to complete it and then begin to focus on the areas you scored yourself low.

Do it now.

And keep all your wheel assessments in a folder so you can see how you’re progressing every month.

If you liked this (or God forbid didn't like it), please let me know below in the comments.


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