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usp marketing

Make Your USP Marketing Message Unstoppable

Following my own advice, I’ve been reaching out to people to drill down even further into my USP (Unique Selling Proposition) marketing message. Because I do this with my own clients, and ALWAYS explain how important it is to have a USP marketing message that delivers a distinct benefit about your business, it’s ALSO important to […]

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facebook ad help

Facebook Ad Help: How to get your Facebook Ad Approved

Every once in a while we all need Facebook ad help, am I right? This week I set out to conquer a consulting client’s ad campaign that was getting disapproved over and over. The First Thing You Should Know When Looking for Facebook Ad Help Although their advertising policies directions aren’t the best, they ARE […]

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get more customers

A Novel Approach to Get More Customers

Ready to get more customers? I’m about to call it like it is. Because I’m amazed at how lazy some entrepreneurs are…even with the total power we have at our disposal to research our markets and serve our prospects in the exact way they should be served. How I Get More Customers When I work […]

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business research methods

Insanely Easy Business Research Methods

What business research methods are you using to make sure you’re putting your message in front of the right people? Researching is not the sexy part of business. Often, it’s boring. It’s not fun – and it doesn’t make you money. TODAY. On the other hand, it WILL hopefully make you money TOMORROW. Equally, it […]

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Commitment in business

Strategic Commitment in Business

Strategic Commitment in Business ~begin transcript: strategic commitment in business~ I talk a lot about “strategic commitment” rather than plain ‘ol commitment because I’ve found over the years coaching and talking to so many entrepreneurs…that they are WILLING to sacrifice a LOT in order to “commit”. The way I look at it is you and […]

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