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Are you Tired of the 
Trial and Error Approach to Marketing? 

 Would you Benefit from a Coach
Who Can Meet You Where You're At
in YOUR Business, and Just Show You 
 The Exact Next Action Steps? if you're done with incomplete programs, and want specific help...

+ 67/month
- no minimum monthly commitment
- cancel anytime by giving us 30 days notice

online marketing expert

Joey Ragona

Business & Marketing Strategist |
Certified Email Marketing and
Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist

Frank Kern
Lewis Howes

The Big Picture Stuff You Get

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    Personal coaching & up-to-date strategies on business, marketing, copy, email campaigns, automation, sales funnels & webinars
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     Sales funnels, and campaign templates
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    All the tech stuff explained in a straightforward process so you get more done
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    Personalized, 100% LIVE 'hot seats' to get advertising and internet marketing help, support and feedback, wherever you need it  - 100% online, accessible from anywhere
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    Make more profit from KEEPING the money you would spend on expensive programs that leave out pieces anyway
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    The INFORMATION DIET you need so you stop chasing shiny objects and just get the specific steps to move forward

Sound awesome? Then it's time you join my NEW Strategic Profit Lab Insider's Group...

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  Here's How We'll Get Your Business On Track in Minutes

We'll use live video calls so I can learn more about what you're doing and where you are currently stuck 

We'll figure out which piece of your business would benefit from immediate fixes or improvements

You'll end up with a personalized strategy and step-by-step action plan to help you reach the next level

You Are 1 Step Away From Clarity

+ 67/month
- no minimum monthly commitment
- cancel anytime by giving us 30 days notice

Kind Feedback from Awesome Clients


After the follow-up email change, the response was amazing...

Joey helped us to rewrite our series of follow-up emails that we send to customers. After the change, response from these emails was amazing and we were able to convert many more visitors into customers. Now, I look forward to our next brainstorm which should have an incredible impact on my business.

Olga Pomeransky , Best for Bride Owner

As a result of just one call, our audience reach increased..

I’ve been in business for 20 years and using online marketing for over 5 years.... and Joey Ragona is without question THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE marketer and on-line specialist me and my team have ever worked with!!!! As a result of just one call, I updated our campaigns and increased our reach to our audience...

Dan Blackburn , Coach and Leader of Youth Hockey Atheletes

He outlines and explains each step in a simple and straightforward manner

I was looking for a template or guide to make sure I would get my first email marketing campaign off to a solid start. I needed a boost of confidence from someone who has been successful in their own field of online marketing...and Joey came through with his guideline. I have heard all of this information before, however, the way Joey states it hit the mark for me! He outlines and explains each step in a simple and straightforward manner. This is a guide any beginner should have and any seasonal marketer will refer back to again and again.

Leesa Scott , Wellness Leader - LMT CST

He's the real deal

Just giving a shout out to Joey Ragona. He shared some things with me that really resonated and caused me to see how I can make a few adjustments to increase my conversions. He's the real deal!

Devin Stubblefield , Financial Coach - Trainer - Speaker - Author

Look Over My Shoulder and
Get Full Access To All This...

Email Marketing and Copywriting

Guidance & editing help with emails sales letters, landing/opt-in pages, FB ads and more that attract the right people to buy from you.

Current Working Sales Funnels

The most effective ways for you to market, launch and sell your stuff and stand out from the competition.

online marketing and advertising

Facebook Ads
Insiders Group

Get the most up-to-date Facebook Ad strategies used by the top marketers who are spending multiple thousands per week - we'll just look over their shoulder. 

online marketing and advertising

Lead Generation & Marketing Campaigns

How to build your list with quality customers fast.

Technology Tools, Best Practices and Tips

Put an end to technology challenges and learn how to connect the right tools and online platforms together so it works right the first time.

internet marketing help

Marketing Strategy
Monthly Playbook

Every month, you'll get an up-to-date online marketing playbook.  It features marketing campaigns, workflows, strategies, test results, and more to model in your business.

Early Adopter Price


- no minimum monthly commitment 
- cancel by giving us 30 days notice

What Strategic Profit Lab Insider's Group is...

Strategic Profit Lab is a 100% interactive, online business training membership, delivered LIVE by video conference.

It's accessible anywhere, on any device, so you can be wherever it's most convenient.

This is more than just online marketing and internet business help.

It’s an up-to-the-minute behind the scenes look at what’s REALLY working for today's online marketing and advertising  world.  

Not outdated stuff.  

And, you will have the personal coaching and hand-holding that other courses, programs and memberships simply do not offer...or charge 'extra' fees for.

So you can put all the moving parts together in the right order...

...without it costing you thousands per month.

Why Strategic Profit Lab is Your Best  Investment...

Because you'll benefit from keeping the money you would spend on expensive programs, coaching and training in your pocket.  So you can re-invest into actually building and marketing your business.

So the Profit Lab was created for two reasons:

To help you make more money and profit NOW!

To help me make the world a better place by positively impacting every entrepreneur I connect with.

And I know Strategic Profit Lab will be the best support system for you. 

Because it’s built upon the success principles and marketing strategies working today.

Not on theory, something that worked yesterday, or will STOP working a month from now.

The lab is also raw - LIVE coaching and training.  

It's not a stale system YOU have to adapt to.  WE adapt to YOU.

It’s the hand-holding, internet marketing help you need to navigate through the massive decisions and options, so you can build and scale your business properly, with profit as fast as possible.

Here's How it Works...



We jump on a live video-conference call bi-weekly and you'll get personal online business training and online marketing strategies.  These are 100% live and 100% interactive so you actually get  your questions answered.  This isn't one of those FAKE 'Live" calls either :-) 



Each LIVE training and coaching session is recorded and available to view 24/7.  So if you miss a session or if you just want to watch it again, you have it.  PLUS, there are additional bonus trainings added every month that are not part of the live sessions.  They're also downloadable.



Watch over-my-shoulder as I show you the latest marketing funnels, ad copy and deploy strategies, email campaigns, sales letters design and frameworks, video scripts.

You'll be steps ahead of your competition who are still trying to use old, out-dated stuff because I'll share everything I learn from rubbing shoulders with the smartest online marketing experts in the world today.


Even though this is a monthly membership, you're NEVER chained to a contract.  The Strategic Profit Lab membership is a very exclusive, unique, live video-based coaching experience that you'll call home for as little or as long as you need. When you feel it's no longer a benefit - it's easy to cancel your monthly payment. All we ask is you give us 30 days notice.

+ 67/month
- no minimum monthly commitment
- cancel anytime by giving us 30 days notice

Is Strategic Profit Lab Right for You?


  • You already have the basics in place but need specific help to move your business to the next level
  • If you're feeling overwhelmed and struggling to get past the first level of growth and experience in your business
  • If you're not yet making enough money from all the work and time you're putting in.
  • If you have an awesome product, service or business idea that will impact people in a positive way
  • You're willing to spend money to grow your business. That means you have to advertise and have some kind of budget...even if it's a small one.
  • If you need help putting systems in place or re-tooling your marketing, lead generation, sales process, etc.
  • If you know the value of coaching, and what it will do for you but you're on a limited budget


  • You do not have a positive purpose behind your business.  Biz-opp people ONLY chasing money.
  • If you have immediate expectations of results without understanding you have to test and retest to perfect your system and business.
  • If you do NOT have a viable product or service that will help people in a positive way.  (Sorry, no MLM either - if your business model is about recruiting people, this is NOT for you.)


I refuse to make false claims to trick you into doing business with me. When it comes to online business coaching and internet marketing help, I feel the need to set the record straight.

Before I give you any promise of how I can help you, let's get real. THIS STUFF TAKES WORK. If you’re unwilling to invest some time and effort by testing and re-testing things, then I guarantee you’ll struggle and continue wandering on to the next shiny thing

There’s NO promise or implication of your future earnings when you join my programs or memberships. And, guess what, there's NO typical result when it comes to making money with this stuff either. In fact, most people who buy “business building” programs and coaching rarely get any results at all. It’s like the person who buys a piece of exercise equipment expecting to look like the actor in the commercial. The bottom line is, nothing ever works right the first time. THAT’S pretty typical…at least it is for me and the students I've worked with since 2011.

If business was easy, EVERYONE would do it. If you’re looking for someone to give you a "magic formula" or an “easy button” that’ll make you money tomorrow, I’m not your guy and you should NOT join this membership. Better you know now than be disappointed later.

If you've ever tried other coaching or programs and they didn't work, my promise is that you won't be left alone when you join this one.  I'll be right here holding your hand. So, you're at a crossroads.  To the left, is the same rough, rocky road you've been traveling.  To the right is the road fewer people will choose. This road is not harder - it's different. Choosing the right road makes all the difference.  I'm hoping you choose the right road and join us today.

+ 67/month
- no minimum monthly commitment
- cancel anytime by giving us 30 days notice

Get These Early Adopter Bonuses!!!

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Business Breakthrough Bootcamp

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This is the core training that teaches you about the 4 Freedom Activators so you can have a successful business

Lead Machine

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How to build a lead generation machine that boosts income, fees and sales automatically without you making a single sales call.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who are you, and why should I listen to you?

What makes THIS different?

Are you teaching the same stuff as everyone else?

Is there a Guarantee?

Why should I invest in this coaching instead of other memberships or buying programs?

How long do I have access to the membership area?

Start Today!
Get affordable, personalized internet marketing help, coaching and support - so you can make more sales, more often

And, let's make it simple!

Our Core Values:

No Sacrifice

Our mission is to ensure entrepreneurs STOP sacrificing their lives, and special moments for their business.  We are ALL about freedom...but we are against "grinding" just to be successful while other parts of our lives and relationships suffer. You can have both - freedom and a successful business.  You just need to know how to balance the two without giving anything up in return.

Total Guarantee

EVERYTHING we do comes with our no B.S. guarantee.  That means we stand behind all our products, promotions, workshops, training...whatever it is.  We feel that when a company doesn't want to extend a complete money back guarantee, they aren't convinced their product or service will do what they claim.  That's not cool.  We know our products and services will improve your business and life.  However, we also know that sometimes they will not be a fit.  We want to take as much of the risk away from you as possible so you are assured anything that is unsatisfactory to you will be refunded within the time frames offered for each product.

Zero False Promises

We refuse to play the game of promising you'll make millions of dollars if you buy and apply our training.  We won't insult your intelligence.  Because we both know building a business takes work.  Even though it's fun,  creative and filled with possibilities - what it is not is easy or effortless.


We don't use false scarcity tactics or pretend that we're live on webinars when we're not.  We don't have countdown timers that reset every time you refresh the page.  What we say is real - it's true...and when we make mistakes, we own up to them.

100% Commitment to Your Success

If you're looking for a get-rich-quick method...we are NOT your solution.  This stuff is HARD.  It takes work and risk.  You can build a business that gives you time and freedom, but it will take work...and things will probably not work the first time.  If you are willing to work for it, we are committed to helping you every step of the way and being there when things do go wrong.  However, we are only half of the equation.  If business was easy, everyone would be rich. 

Never-Ending Improvement

We invest in, and test new tools, trainings, innovation, strategies and methods so we can actually deliver what works to you unfiltered without the hype or fluff.  We make it a part of our mission to share the newest technologies, hacks and frameworks that are working without you having to invest the time, energy, frustration and money to figure it all out on your own.

Early Adopter Price



- no minimum monthly commitment 

- cancel by giving us 30 days notice