Small Business Coaching & Consulting: with Joey Ragona

“ There's a huge difference between sacrifice and strategic commitment. ”
  • Build your business strategically without sacrificing your life: you don't need to "grind" away your days, giving up the moments of your life for your business.
  • Be more productive: do more in less time will give you the freedom you deserve without being a slave to the business.

Here's how we can work together:

Free Business Coaching Session

We'll talk for 90 minutes about your business and set up a blueprint to help you with your next steps.

This is a one-time complimentary strategy session.

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Small Group Mastermind

Breakthrough Live mastermind with a small group of entrepreneurs that will show you the 4 Freedom Activators plus my F.O.C.U.S. method.

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Personal Planning Session

This is a 2-Day Intensive Strategy Session where you and me design the next steps to multiply your business.

It's broken up into 2 different days, so you have time to work on and digest the plan.

Day 1 - we focus on big picture ideas first.  Then we'll zoom in to the details and put together a plan of action steps.

Day 2 - we get to work and implement.  I'll help you put your marketing funnel together, set up your website pages, write your emails with you - whatever it is we've come up with.

Price - $3,680

Done For You

Sometimes you just want it done!  You want to spend more time doing the stuff you're good at rather than poking around in another area that is going to add more chaos and overwhelm to your life. 

This service is for you.

Together we'll brainstorm the marketing / sales process you need and I'll take it from there.

A standard email marketing / sales funnel takes from 2-4 weeks.

Price - $4,200

Strategic Profit Lab

Whenever you're ready for world class, results-only coaching so you can get the clear action steps that will move you out of overwhelm and frustration into momentum and productivity.   Delivered monthly via video conference - no commitment - you stay as long as it's working for you.

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One-on-One Coaching

Exclusive world-class one-on-one direct VIP coaching

This is my High Performance Achievers Coaching where you'll have full access to me every two weeks by video conference and unlimited email.

You will also be invited to 4 LIVE in-person mastermind sessions with my carefully selected achievers group members.

This is where all the magic happens because I'll be able to share all of the strategies, methods & mindsets with you that are working today.

I'll analyze what is working for your business and what's not.

You'll have clarity about the action steps needed to 10x your business without sacrificing anymore of your precious time and life.

NOTE:  I'll be looking over your shoulder to keep you accountable because sometimes the strategies and techniques are not enough to fix what's broken.  Sometimes it's you.  I'm very good at getting to the root of what's really getting in your way.  I'm not afraid to call things as they are because sometimes it's what you'll need to get your confidence and motivation rolling again to get to your success.

By Invitation Only -

The process begins with a free 1-hour strategy session to see if we're a good fit.

It's NOT a sales call - it's an honest approach to showing you how I can help you in your business by designing a strategy for you.

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